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Izzy32 Posts: 10
Hi Girls Quick question for you. For our wedding day we will have guests who don't like to give cash-prefer to give a gift (the older relatives mainly) This isn't a problem at all and something we are expecting. However we don't really want to have any salad bowls, chopping boards etc. as we already live together and have all this stuff We were thinking of registering with the travel agent we will be booking our honeymoon with-so then they can just buy us a voucher to the value they wish to. This way then we are getting presents we really want and will definitely use! What are people's thoughts on this? Do yu think it's a good idea or would you be seeing it as rude?? I know there's a new craze called the "honeyfund" where people ask guests to donate to this on top of a gift-we obviously don't want this-we just want the other option if you don't want to give cash as something we really want. We don't plan on giving the registry option to everyone then-just people who we know would prefer this option Would love to get people's thoughts on this,and if anybody has maybe done this already?? Thanks!!
maybride2017 Posts: 232
I actually just had this conversation with an older aunt at dinner last night, she was saying a friend of theirs had gotten an invite basically requesting the same thing, and everyone agreed at the table it was so rude (older aunties)! Like my auntie was disgusted (in her 70s) she herself will give money to people but to be outwardly asked she found really rude, her friend who got the invite is considering not even going to the wedding now as she found it so rude. Of course this is just one older ladies opinion and only you know your family and how they would feel, but a lot of older people (from my family anyway) feel if you cant afford it don't have it, don't expect and ask others to pay for it. Maybe put some feelers out with your older relatives? (make up a few stories of friends doing the same and see how they react?) I'm just gona accept the bowls and glassware and try find something to do with em! Happy planning!!!! :heartbeat:
Izzy32 Posts: 10
Thanks for the feedback!! We actually can afford the honeymoon but just thought it could be a nice way to register-but maybe your aunt is right-last thing we want to do is offend the relatives!
MissyM67 Posts: 337
Hey yeah I agree with the other poster. It's such a delicate issue with the older generation and I think asking for a contribution towards the honeymoon would be viewed as the same as asking for money, and they generally don't seem comfortable with this. However...some of my relatives specifically asked our parents directly what they should give, as they wanted to make sure it was something we needed. And in those cases, they were fine saying that we really have everything we need for the house already, so a cheque would be very much welcomed instead. Other than that, I think I'd rather everyone give whatever they are most comfortable with :)