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moobertson Posts: 470
Hi guys, I wondered what are you all doing for the rehearsal dinner? I had planned to have dinner in our local hotel where we will be having our wedding reception but as there may be 20 to 30 people there I do not think I we will be able to afford to pay for the dinner (we did not factor this into our budget). I know it is tradition for the grooms parents to pay for the meal but that is not an option. They have already been very generous. We were thinking of maybe just having food at our house with a few drinks...
starbar10 Posts: 991
We're not doing this, everyone will be arriving at different times and our priest wont be coming up til the moning of our wedding so we're not really going to have a rehearsal as far as I know. H2B will tell gm what to do and I'll sort my ladies out
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
dont think we r doing this. ODing a rehersal for the mass and prob just go to hotel for a quick run through but not having dinner. Have no money for that
OOB Posts: 639
Hi there, We're not really doing this either. Having rehersal mid week, not getting married until Sat so the bridemaids & groomsman will not be around on that night. nor will our readers. Our families will attend as in parents and my mam has said she'll do somethig for us afterwards. I would have liked to have had a rehersal later in the week, by then more people would have arrived but the priest has other things in his diary. Its not a major drama,
madhairday Posts: 1116
The Rehersal dinner thing is an american thing, it is just a meet and greet, # As my brother married an amerian girl and we had to have one and had it at home. Why are you putting your self to so much expence and stress if you do not want to have one.
DipDab Posts: 1172
We did a rehearsal dinner, it wasn't a really formal thing like the american ones. Basically we had the rehearsal with the priest 3 days before the wedding. Everyone in the immediate family (brothers/sisters) and bridal party was home so they all came to the church to see it and make sure they were all comfortable then we all went out for a meal.
ciaraella Posts: 5323
We're not doing this either. Our priest wants just us and the best man and chief bridesmaid at the rehearsal which will be a few days beforehand, he said sometimes with two many people it can turn into a circus and people end up more stressed! The irish match is the day before the wedding so i think all the lads willbe watching that. Me, MOB, MOG and SIL are getting manicures and having lunch that day and then it's home for an early night! :zzzz:
Elban26 Posts: 2458
We went back to my Oh' parent's house. We did a meat & salad buffet and drinks. We had the bridal party, both sets of parents, our siblings and their partners and a few close friends. We had about 20 in total. It was a lovely evening and we just chilled and enjoyed the banter!
sugarkk Posts: 1384
We are having a rehearsal dinner, but we don't have to pay for it. Everyone is staying in the hotel the night before the wedding and the price of dinner was included in the two-night deal. The hotel (Killashee) has been kind enough to offer us the use of a private dining room the night before to give it that "rehearsal" dinner kinda feeling - a lot of my guests are American and I love the idea of having a rehearsal dinner. As the cost of the food is included, myself and H2B are going to stretch for a couple of bottles of wine but that's it. If we weren't staying at the hotel the night before, we wouldn't be doing this. It just suits our circumstances, and gave me an excuse to buy another dress :o0 So don't put yourself under any pressure for it - if what you want is to spend a quiet evening with your family, then do that. I'm thinking it's going to be an emotional enough evening - am actually hoping we get a lot of the emotion out that night so I'm not a wreck the next day... I do think I'm going to be upset going to bed by myself - I'll have to have H2B tuck me in before he goes off to his room!
DollyMomma Posts: 1231
I always thought this was a purely American thing....I wonder will it become a trend to have it here now too? Personally I think in circumstances like yours SugarKK then it's fine, but we won't be having one. Our rehersal will be a few days before hand and we'll head down to our local for some pub grub and a few drinks after, but it never would have occured to me that it would be a "rehearsal dinner". Just my opinion :wv