Rehersal Mass before your Wedding Day

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juliemoore Posts: 87
Hi all, When are people organising the rehersal mass? The only option I have is the night before the wedding day and I was thinking of organising a meal for afterwards, what is everyone else doing? Is it tradition to organise something in the house the night before for guests?
Hellsbells2007 Posts: 96
Hi mckillt, getting married abroad so just H2B and I meeting priest a few days before! No rehearsal needed....
aconnolly140 Posts: 203
We get married on Wednesday and had a rehearsal last Saturday that lasted 10mins and didn't really need to have everyine at it. He said he'll talk everyone to it. [url=] [img:15g7je0n];10711;116/st/20070725/e/Our+Special+Day/dt/5/k/3619/event.png[/img:15g7je0n] [/url]
Angel! Posts: 1494
HI, We're getting married on a Friday. Our rehearsal is 7pm on the Wednesday. And afterwards, the whole bridal party are going for a meal (hosted by my Dad O-O ) in the restuarant that we got engaged in !!!
juliemoore Posts: 87
Does anyone invite people back to their family home after the rehersal mass? (the night before the wedding)
Mama2 Posts: 1230
We're getting married on a Friday and will have the rehersal on the Wednesday and hopefully go out for dinner afterwards!
LabLady Posts: 4325
our wasnt really a rehearsal just a quick run through how things would progress then all in for confession! so funny I was the only willing one and then DH went in even though he isnt into religion.... Then they all went! you could see the relief of all when they came out! Our priest was lovely though, wasnt even the whole confessions the way they used to be growing up. you know.
Heebie Jeebies Posts: 608
I've no definite plan yet but deffo don't want the rehearsal the night before the wedding, I want to spend that night at home with my family and a few close friends.