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anonymous report Posts: 67
Omg. Im angry and upset and its all because of Reids furniture! Here’s the rant…. New house. Got keys June. Ordered suite of furniture end June. Told 16 wk wait. Fine we thought, we’ve finally found a suite that we both liked (at last) and the measurements fit our house perfectly, so wait is worth it. Ordered a 3-2-1, all leather recliners. Deposit needed? Yes, but not if we went for their credit agreement. So we decided to go for credit agreement and that we'd pay it off in total as soon as we got the sofa. Sneaky way to get out of paying deposit. :o0 Got letter last week-expect delivery within the month. GREAT until I read the letter fully. It had 2 product codes on it. We rang shop and queried why there was not 3 product codes-we’d ordered 3 products afterall. The silly idiots only went and ordered us a 3-1-1 combination instead of 3-2-1! Arggh. O:| Asked them to change order, as it was obviously wrong. Sorry, its discontinued, you can take the 3-1-1, and we’ll offer you a discount. :ooh Cue long fax to shop manager. Phonecall received, same story, its discontinued, you can take the 3-1-1, and we’ll offer you a discount, or pick something else out and we’ll give you a discount. >:o( Needless to say, I told where the manager to go…! :-8 Boy am I glad we didn’t pay a deposit. So now, we have no sofa. We have to trawl through the same shops as we did in June-which is a nightmare cos we wouldn’t find another one we liked. We have no sofa-all we have is a beanbag and some blow up chairs and now I have to start the cycle all over again-which means we wont have a sofa til after Xmas. STUPID, STUPID REIDS FURNITURE. I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH THEM AGAIN. O:| >:o( >:o( >:o( >:o( Sigh. Feel so much better. Thanks.
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
Have heard a lot of horror stories about Reid alright but at least you found out before the van arrived with the suite inside. I ordered a brown suite (not from Reid) and found out it was black had been ordered and they were trying to persuade me that this was what I ordered and eventually admitted it wasn't but getting me to take it at discount, which I didn't. I get the impression that Reid order through a central warehousing system and the pure volume of stuff that goes through there, results in mistakes and mess-ups plus the actual furniture is made in China and places like that, not that there is any excuse for bad service. Would you not consider getting a leather suite made? I was sorry I didn't do this after I had my own bought. If Reids prices are anything to go by, they are not cheap and getting one made wasn't much of a price difference. At least that way, you get a suite made to whatever size and colour you want, and they might not take 16 weeks to make it either if you get in with the order now. Edited to say I feel your pain as regards the empty sitting room, we had one rocking chair and my mother's footstool to sit on for months :eek It matched the new timber floor really well >:o( Edited again to say the good thing about getting it made is if it ever gets a ciggy burn or tear, it can be repaired.
tropical Posts: 247
Hi Lippy Where or what shops do you know of that offer the service of making leather suites?
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
I know of one in Cork but where are you based?
Wiggles Posts: 629
reids are a horror to deal with ... its all a gimmick to them .. they dont even be having genuine sales .. they put up the costs 4 weeks before the sale and then put them back to there original rip off price. they never have stock in ... and you are always left waiting forever. I would never deal with them again ...
Lizzy1 Posts: 4128
Hi all, just to say that we bought our suite from Reids (2 yrs ago) and didn't have any problems at all our suite actually arrived 1 wk early :wv
lindy Posts: 1135
Hi just to say we had a dealing with reids same as yourself we ordered 3/2/1 and 3/1/1 came we kicked up , we ended up going to land of leather and this was our 2nd time dealing with them and i have to say we never have a problem with them we go there now all the time.
redrebel Posts: 400
we actually bought our suite from reids in cork and honestly have no complaints....we were told it would take 16 weeks to arrive but it came in 6 weeks, and its fab. we got it on sale as well, bargain of the century for us. but given your experience, i can see why you're annoyed.
Dreamster Posts: 6620
Lippy, maybe wwe dealt with the same place? We got a corner suite made and had it quite quickly. We could choose material, dimensions, colours, legs etc.
princess buttercup Posts: 1457
I had a nightmare with Reids and I would NEVER deal with them again. I ordered a 3+2, and was told 16 weeks, paid the deposit, then was given a delivery date, so I had to pay in full before they'd deliver - so I did. The delivery date kept being delayed - eventually I got a call to say the furniture actually didn't exist - the range had been discontinued, and they had never processed my order. They had no explanation for why I had been told it had arrived in the warehouse and why I was given a few delivery dates. I was allowed to order another suite at the same price I'd already paid - and when it arrived, one of the bases was a MUCH darker wood than the other - looked dreadful. Had to go through the same ordering process again and order another suite - NIGHTMARE. Will be avoiding them at all costs in the future. Having said all of that, I love my sofas - but I had to wait 16weeks x 3 for them.....