Reindeer Run - Get Fit Plan??

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luckyladee Posts: 2550
Hi All, With all the getting fit and slimming down that's going on to get us all into our dresses - I wanted to make a suggestion. The RNLI are having a Reindeer Run in Marlay Park in Dublin on Sunday the 28th of November. I'm involved with the Lifeboats so I wanted to see if any of you wollies would be interested in signing up - you know something to get out and train for - get us skinny - and maybe even help their fundraising at the same time. Theres a 5k and 10k You can register at [url:16jb4lku][/url:16jb4lku] or see details and FAQs at [url:16jb4lku][/url:16jb4lku] Anyone up for it?
MichelleMyBelle Posts: 1270
Fair play to you hun! I think I'm going home that weekend, but hope all goes well for you! x