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Sad and confused Posts: 15
[quote:2n5gmny5]he sounds like a right p*ick ![/quote:2n5gmny5] :o0 Thanks for making me laugh :thnk Delighted you got the band sorted!
cillcakes Posts: 174
:) :) well he does ! Xxx
CasualBride Posts: 574
Girls, I had to go away and make a coffee before I sat down to read the the last few days' posts!! :) Glad you got sorted cilicakes!!! What a pain in the ass! Totally agree with your pr*ck statement :) :) what maddens me even more is hearing how SO many women are finding themselves in similar situation to you, sad and confused. What you said there about the car and the bad attitude; seems to be very common with these as*holes and I am just baffled as to where they get the notion that they can get away with this sh1t! But anyway, more importantly, don't you dare blame yourself for his behaviour! Even if you were a total cow and he wanted to leave, there are other ways to end a relationship and he chose the worst possible way. Fair enough, none of us are perfect, so if he was feeling fed up with you for any reason, that's not the end of the world but for a spouse to go off with someone else, that is NEVER anyone else's fault in my opinion - there are so many things you can do before things get to that point and from the sound of it, he did not; if he was acting normal a few days before all this happened, then clearly he didn't even attempt to talk to you about how he was feeling? The other thing I want to say to you; I don't think you're ever going to get any satisfactory answers as to why he has done this. It happened to a very close friend of mine after 20 years of a - seemingly - very happy marriage, he had an affair and just could not give any answers that would satisfy any woman, so my own, totally judgemental opinion is that these married men who go off with their colleagues (just realised that in the 3 incidents that I know of, it's always a work colleague!! :eek ) are fairly cowardly and a bit full of themselves in the first place, so I don't think they'd ever actually admit to any wrongdoing in the first place, and they certainly wouldn't admit to any of the real, emotional stuff that might have caused them to cheat - you know like feeling insecure or feeling unappreciated or whatever it might have been. I just think that the guys who seem to so easily breeze off into the sunset and then treat their wives like sh*t are the types to just bury their heads in the sand when things get tough, they can't bear to acknowledge just how horrible they've behaved so instead they try to paint the wife as the bad guy. Bugs the life out of me >:o( >:o( >:o(