relocating abroad, any thoughts

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pipn lucy Posts: 330
Hi :wv , This is kinda a long shot as the question is so open but does anyone know anything about relocating abroad ie Australia, New Zealand, Canada , anywhere really. How would you go about it and is there somewhere you can get advice on it. Its just a thought in our heads. DH always wanted to but I feel we have too much going on to do it and it would be too difficult. A few years ago before we bought our house etc would have been ok. Any thoughts good or bad would be great.
MrsJayKay Posts: 3025
I don't really know for sure but I'd imagine if you contacted the Australian Embasy they'd be able to give you some pointers. Also if you Google immigration Australia you get a site that gives you all the professions that get the Australian Green Card no probs i.e. hairdressers, engineers etc. Hope this is of some help. Best of luck
pipn lucy Posts: 330
Thanks Triona :thnk
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
i wanted to go to cnanada for a year but at the time it was only place that didnt need my particular job then i decided to go to australia and was there for a year. contact the australian embassy for info re applications you have to have a medical chest x ray for checking any sign of TB and also some blood tests and a urinanalysis but i did mine in 94 so not sure if there is anything new as far as i rememebr you should have a minimum amount in your bank account hope this helps a bit
ohsohappybride Posts: 3476
I know to become a landed immigrant in Canada it works on a points system. Education is their first priority and the better your education, the more points you are awarded. It is quite difficult to get in but if you have a close relative there, they can sponsor you which also helps. This website shouod give you some more info: One thing I would recommend is just getting working visa to a country for 6 months to a year and just trying this out first before going through all the hassle of trying to become an immigrant. This will give you enough time to decide if it's somewhere you can picture yourself living permanently. HTH :wv
pipn lucy Posts: 330
Thanks all! :thnk
TwoTimes2006 Posts: 234
Hiya, I came over to Oz in 2002 on a working holiday visa and was lucky enough to get sponsored (but now am on a spousal visa). Some websites to read through are: [url:3gedes3r][/url:3gedes3r] [url:3gedes3r][/url:3gedes3r]
daboy Posts: 229
As an EU citizen you can work anywhere in europe without need for worrying about a work visa. You are entitled to it automatically due to the freedom of movement laws. There are transition arrangements for the newer east european member states, but Germany, France, Denmark etc are all grand to work in. The only catch is the lingo, but if you get into an international company then the language is normally english, whether its finance, IT, engineering or whatever. As for whether its a good move or not. I'm away this 7 years and more than happy. My fiance is Irish so amnt being kept here for the sake of a lovely foreign lass. There are many reasons why i am kept here, but the main one is simply the standard of living. You can afford to eat out every evening if you want to, theres safe public transport day and night, theres parks walks and bike paths everywhere. I could also mention that i have 45 hours holidays per year incl bank holidays which is standard here. You have plenty of time to enjoy the weather and the unspoilt scenery! For me australia and the likes would be too far from home but Europe is only a short, and normally not too expensive, flight back to ireland to visit friends and family. As for the house question, you could always rent it out and keep that as your backup plan in case the foreign expedition doesnt work out.