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Anonymous Posts: 24542
Remember that song, the Safe Cross Code? All the go in the mid to late seventies, sung by Brendan Grace and featuring Mr. Crow and Mr. Fox from Wanderly Wagon? It's been re-released. I heard it yesterday and I remember [b:6iklhpdv][i:6iklhpdv]every single word[/i:6iklhpdv][/b:6iklhpdv]. Made me smile anyway! :wv [/b]
GolfWidow Posts: 425
TWO! Don't hurry, stop and wait...
Senorita Posts: 3413
Heard it last week too, made me lol :o0 Here's a link to it
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Aw, it's sooo cool! I also heard another one from my smallchildhood over the weekend, not that I think this one is being re-released or anything! Tá Mamaí ag obair tralalalalaaaa ag deanamh cáca tralalalalaaaa ceann mór - an ea? ceann mór - is ea! Ceann milis, ceann mór, tralalalalaaaa