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Francois Posts: 65
mrstee Posts: 927
my h2b didnt ask my dad. my dad didint seem to mind, he told me after that he knew it would happen (we went to nyc on holidays). maybe talk to your dad bout it if you feel he is put out by it??
Francois Posts: 65
I've asked H2B to talk to my Dad about it as I dont want Dad thinking bad of him, which I think he might. He just hasn't had an opportunity.
wishin&hoping Posts: 3666
Mine didn't ask either. It was never mentioned. 2 be fair if he had I reckon they would have thought H2B had gone soft.
hagfromhell Posts: 2146
[quote="shellyaug09":3qlag43y]Mine didn't ask either. It was never mentioned. 2 be fair if he had I reckon they would have thought H2B had gone soft.[/quote:3qlag43y] I had to laugh at that. My family would have said the same about my hubby! I know it is probably a nice tradition, but I would feel funny that my hubby needed my fathers "permission" to marry me!
dancingfeet Posts: 826
My H2B did ask. I knew nothing about it at all. HB2 said both my parents were delighted when he asked them for my hand. *) He went to there house on a sinday while I was collecting my son from his dads and asked them. That evening he asked me to marry him
hollywoodbride Posts: 1341
My h2b kinda asked them or told them we were already living together and my mam helped H2B pick our holiday ( which was surprize) for my Bday and mentioned in passing that he was planning to buy my ring while on holiday. then when we got back he showed the ring to my dad the day before he asked me My dad was delighted and was so surprised that I never said anything....
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
neither of my Bil's asked my dad. but my h2b did, i think my dad was thrilled! it gave him the opportunity to tell h2b that he was very welcome into the family! but its really each to their own, it was something h2b wanted to do and i didnt have a say. :wv
Kingston Design Posts: 895
Mine didn't-he'd been told by me not to!!! I don't know, I just felt it was a bit outdated. We'd been together 6 years andliving together 5 years before we got engaged and I felt a bit strongly that no man should be asking for me because I wasn't any 'property' to be passed on etc. Now I know that's quite a strong view on the whole thing b ut that's how I felt. No offense to anyone whose H2Bs did ask, I can see that there's a lovely sentiment of respect that goes with the tradition too, I just didn't feel it was for me-different folks for different strokes and all that! I don't think my dad was put out in any way-my elder sister's H hadn't asked so i guess he wasn't really expecting to be asked either. To the OP, don't be worrying about regretting it not being done, it's in the past now and thinking about it can't solve anything for you. Maybe just make a bigger effort to include your dad in your wedding or something. Life's too short for worrying about the details!
Pink Lady 84 Posts: 101
Mine asked and Im glad he did. Its a lovely tradition and i know my dad was chuffed