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MayMay69 Posts: 234
getting caught up in the moment we invited 2 friends of ours plus their partners to the wedding, well i invited them on my hen so therefore tis a given that they will be invited to wedding, also mentioned to a friend of theirs that we would be inviting them to wedding now with the way thingsare we are having to revise the guest list and these 4 people are more friends of friends and not close friends of ours, would it be awful to remove them from the guest list?
papillon Posts: 1305
Well it would have been fine if you didn't tell them in advance you are inviting them! They'd have been none the wiser. As it stands, if you don't invite them, you will have to phone them up and explain and apologise. I'm sure they'll understand with the current climate but you have to do that. You can't just not send the invite after telling them they're invited.
murielswedding Posts: 372
give them an evening invite and make it out as though you couldnt fit anymore in and couldnt afford it, most people are not as put out as you would think. good luck
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
I think it would reflect badly on you if you don't invite them as promised but each to their own? Maybe you could take a chance on inviting them and them not coming, they might not come if they are not close friends, what with the cost of weddings nowadays.
Fuchsia Posts: 91
i think as you've said it to them already and the wedding is quite close, I would go ahead and invite them. They may or may not come and also (economic times as they are and I hope this doesn't sound too mean) but they'll be paying for their seats through their gift. another option is just ask them to the afters. best of luck with it! Fuchsia xx
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
Just give them an evening invite to the wedding, so they are technically still invited. If you made it clear beforehand that they were invited to the whole shindig, then ring them and explain.. they should understand
MayMay69 Posts: 234
thanks for all the replys. well its my own fault for getting carried away! i think you are all right tho, i will just have to invite them. i i suppose long term id be embarassed meeting them afterwards if i took back the invite. we are not planning on inviting people to the afters as its a good drive from where we live and we wanted to keep it small and intimate. thanks for all the feedback :wv
Twirler Posts: 1644
I think you're doing the right thing inviting them, especially as you invited them on the hen.
MayMay69 Posts: 234
im really making a big deal out of nothing when i think about it! they are lovely girls and would be delighted to be asked and they would be great fun to have there, i just need to stop thinking so much about the cost of it and relax a little! u must be super excited ur wedding day is 21 days away O-O