Renal Scan for baby

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MrsAC Posts: 1190
So my DD is 17 wks she had bronchitis i had to bring her to the tlc clinic twice with it , while i was there i happened to mentioned the he pee was smelling pretty bad, so they sent of a sample , turned out she also has what looked like a urine/ kidney infection, she had a course of antibiotic but doctor wants her kidneys scanned as he said young children should not get kidney or urine infections, we sent off another sample and waiting in results off that. Anybody else baby / child have this done ? Thanks
mamandemai Posts: 269
Hi My DD had a renal scan when she was a couple of weeks old as I ve got a genetic condition . It was very quick and they told me the results straight away ( this was at the rotunda). Hope your LO is ok,