Renting a Tens machine?

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SophiaTheFirst Posts: 541
Hi, I'd like to use a Tens machine for early labour if possible, and while I know you can purchase versions in Mothercare etc. I'm wondering if it's possible to rent a more sophisticated/expensive model from anywhere instead? If anyone has any suggestions, or can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated!
Wife09 Posts: 873
Hey Pretzel, The posh ones are the pulsar ones you rent from medicare for about €60, ... =44&cid=51 my dad has a pulsar one he bought and the are very dear to buy, I was going to use it but I asked the physio in the hospital and she said make sure you get one with a boost button because thats the key to the pain relief. You have normal tens pads are there pulsing away and when you get a contraction you hit the boost button and the pulses strenghten increasing your pain relief during the contraction. Any way I asked her for a suggestion on one to buy or rent and she said dont rent one, she reccomend buying this one ... hines.html its the neurolactic labour tens and is €63. And you can then use is post pregnancy too and for back aches etc. She said there is no difference between the pulsar ten and this one and having used dads before without boost button on both they are the same pulse wise.Anyway I got the neurolactic one and I just tried it out on my hands and its brilliant. The boost button is incredible and I didnt even use half the settings. I have used tens machines before and Im happy enough with them but the physio was saying that some girls dont like the feel of them and end up not using them so she suggested to the class to tried one out on your hands in boots before you commit to purchase. Also just so you know the physio said to started using the tens machine immediatly at start of labour as you get best results this way. Happy pulsing!!
maymommie Posts: 109
Hi, I bought mine it came from dublin and is especially for labour. Total cost was €76.50. Have the number if you want me to pass it on.
babychino Posts: 634
Hi Pretzel, I've been looking into renting one too. Boots rent them for €40, you order in store and it's delivered to your house.
SophiaTheFirst Posts: 541
Thanks for the replies! If I'm going to buy one, I have to say for the extra €4 the one you recommend looks like a whole different level than the mothercare one, so that's currently winning! Will check out the rental options now too.
dunni Posts: 59
which Boots is only €40. I enquired in the one in Tralee & they told me it was €40 deposit to book and another €38 when you collect it so €78 in total, which i thought was a lot for a rental considerin it's cheaper to purchase.