Renting/Buying bayleaf trees for outside the church...?

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WifeZilla Posts: 1222
Does anybody know if it'd be cheaper to just rent out bayleaf trees for the wedding? I want to have 2 on either side of the church doors with little ribbons or something but it might be a hassle just buying them and having to get someone to take them away after the wedding. What do you think?
laura1982 Posts: 174
Are they the trees that are shped like a ball????? They had them on sale in superquinn last week for 50 each!!!!!
Sunbeam Posts: 2721
We are renting silk ones from our florist. They seem fine - we just want them for outside the doors of the reception room.
Baby cakes Posts: 1237
When my pal was getting married it worked out that to buy she paid 99 in the garden centre and to hire them it was 60 each. She bought them and then we put ribbons on them the same color as the bm dresses. she has them outside her front door now
Lady loves chocolate Posts: 433
I checked this out bridey widey as was thinking of doing this but decided to go with renting. Apparently you can get 2 bay trees from Smithfield market for €110. I dont know whether thye come in a nice pot or anything. My florist is going to rent them for €70 and theyll be dressed with the ribbons so i went for that rather than lugging them home from Dublin. HTH
ditzypixie Posts: 1397
Lidl currently have them for about €10 I think. Haven't seen them though and they could be crap.
ANAIS21 Posts: 2401
:wv God thanks for putting this post.. My Florist is charging us 80E to rent them out, and i need 2.. I will start looking around and see how much they are to buy, they would go really nice in my Mam's garden afterwards. Bloody rip off, the more i am thinking about it.. I would have been paying 160E for 2 tree's to stand outside the church for an hour, hour & a half, and i don't even get keep them.. God i am just hitting the real world, sorry about the rant.. :thnk
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
I'm paying 35 euro each for mine
Sherry79 Posts: 88
Dunnes Stores have fake bay trees, they look like the real thing and priced at around €60 each I think. Am going with these and getting ribbon to decorate. Hope you find what your looking for :wv
Sunnyshine Posts: 753
We're going to have something outside the doors of the Church too. At the moment we're thinking of mini Christmas tress, but whatever we have I think we'll have battery operated little lights on them. Should start looking into this..