Renting out a room?

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cremebrulee Posts: 8546
Do you live in a house or an apartment??
Kilcock bride Posts: 426
Hi Honeybun33, just had a look on Daft for you, single rooms are about €300 monthly, double €400 thats in the Leixlip area so would give you a good idea. Having rented before there are a number of drawbacks & things like working out who pays what bills all need to be sorted out from day 1, you'd need to be splitting your bills evenly. Also it can be hard to get used to someone coming & going at odd hours & having friends/boyfriends etc over when you & H2B are trying to have a quiet night. I found the little things irritated me the most, never being able to use the washer/dryer when I needed, having to wait when someone else was cooking, person's friends smoking in house etc, generally around tidiness of house & stuff like that. Have read your previous posts so understand situation you're in, but you'd need to be very careful about vetting the person you get in before you do anything about it. Good luck with it :action32
cremebrulee Posts: 8546
I found this link. Hope it works. Might give you an idea of what the prices are: [url:39tp7yup][/url:39tp7yup]
Gemma 2 Posts: 72
Hi Around €400 plus bills sounds about right. I have rented a room for about 4 years and have been burnt a few times. First of all If you don't insist on a standing order designate a day of the week, date of the month etc so that it is clear when the rent is due.. Also unless you smoke yourself I would have a no smoking policy as one of mine was smoking in bed ( even though the add in the paper etc said no smoking) O:| The duvet caught up but luckily she put it out as quick but the whole place could have gone up. Also set rules about the bleeding obvious such as doing the dishes etc.. Make sure they know that NO-ONE is to get a key , maybe say overnight guests are fine but only when they themselves are there. I woke up in the middle of the night as met a strange girl in the hall as I was going to the loo... my flatmate was at work at the time,,,needless to say I was not impressed...I explained that I was really dissappointed and let down and it has been fine since...but she knows that I was livid.. It is also a good idea to agree on the boyfriend staying over etc maybe limite the nights a week etc , a friend of mine had her flatmate's boyfriend staying 4 or 5 times a week as he lived at home and no opportunity for you know what otherwise... she ended up leaving because she felt like a third wheel when she wanted to watch tele etc and even though she had a word with her friend it made no difference.. Also agree a month/6 weeks initially etc so that if either party is not happy they can leave, you can ask them to leave etc... It would be a good idea to install ntl into their bedroom and yours so that if someone has someone ( Friend etc) over for the evening they can have a bit of privacy with them etc without the other one being deprived of the tele.. Also remember as harsh as it sounds that they are your lodger not your friend and you need to keep a bit of a seperation there... If you ever need to insist on the rent , have a conversation about personal hygiene, hygiene in the house etc( had to have that one) that you are not too involved and able to do it without feeling guilty... Also always remember it is your home too and you have a right to insist on it being kept clean , rent and bills paid and common respect for your belongings, you don't have to feel guilty about that and it is up to them to make sure that they do that not you to stand over them...You are not going to be asked to leave ... I would not do it if I did not need to as at times it does not feel like your own home but we can't have our cake and it eat... Good luck and PM me if you have anyquestions you don't want to ask on the forum... Trust me I have learned the hard way in some cases and even had to involve the guards once....
wol-r-us Posts: 273
Yeah its expensive especially when you compare it your rent for a full house!! But the demand is there in Leixlip as it has big companies like HP and Intel there. I have also been considering renting out a room to help with the mortgage but I think it would have to be someone I know as we're not long in the house and I couldn't handle the stress of some stranger living in my house!