renting while pregnant/ with newborn?

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medea49 Posts: 324
Hello ladies... been tossing and turning over this, was hoping some of ye might offer some words of encouragement or advice! Am currently 6 weeks pregnant (expecting my first), living in Dublin, and in rented accommodation. We had originally planned to save for a deposit for a house before getting pregnant, but things don't always go to plan! I recently moved from being a student to a good & well-paying job, but we're really starting from almost nothing in terms of savings, and don't have any other family resources etc-- we're doing it on our own! Husband's job is creative but not well paid-- but we have enough to meet our needs and have no debt, and slowly we're building up our savings. But I can't get over feeling depressed at the idea we won't have our own place to bring babs home to... there's no way we'll have a big enough deposit for another 2 years at least for the kind of house we want, given the current mortgage deposit requirements. We're currently looking to move from our small apt into a larger one that can accommodate the baby-- but it's so awful looking at places, so many are dumps or are unwilling to consider moving out furniture (thanks, but I need space for a cot, not that Argos bed with a saggy mattress!) On the plus side rents have gone down considerably and we're hopeful we can find somewhere sizeable enough. Anyone else in a similar situation? How have you coped with renting while having a baby? Any advice on nesting (when the tree's not yours) is welcome :)
hoodieboodie Posts: 1200
Hey Medea49, I'm kinda in the same boat although we have not got to the renting stage yet. We currently live in a 2 bed apartment out miles out of Dublin that I bought 4 years ago. However we're planning on renting closer to both of our work places come July just so as it is easier for both of us getting to and from work, me in particular, and I'll also be closer to my friends while on maternity leave. Ultimate goal is to build down in the west near my folks so there is no point buying here in Dublin, couldn't afford it anyhow. We have not started looking at rented accommodation yet but I've been keeping an eye on daft just to see what the standard is. If the landlord was not agreeable about taking bits of furniture out then we wouldn't go for it - we've got some of our own things that we want to take with us plus as you say we need space for junior too. Good luck in your search for a bigger place :thnk :thnk
strangeangel Posts: 1269
We're in a similar position - currently renting a one bedroom apartment - DH actually thought we could manage to stay here for a while while the baby is small, but I soon talked him out of that :) I'm not sure what we're going to do - we're looking at houses, but I'm not sure we'll be in a position to buy where we want, so we may just end up renting somewhere bigger. I know the Irish ideal is that you buy your house and then start your family, but I don't think renting is the end of the world - with the way the market is, hopefully we'll be in a better position to negotiate with landlords! Best of luck with your pregnancy and getting everything sorted accommodation-wise!
jen09 Posts: 1390
Hi medea49, a home is not a house you own but its a place you've made your own, so don't let the fact you don't own your home be an issue. Once your baby is loved & protected they will be happy. When I found out I was pregnant h2b & I were saving like you for our hse but we decided to put that on hold & just rent an apt in the meantime. We got a lovely large 2 bed apt in a fairly new housing complex & it was lovely. We added our own pictures, a few lamps, throws, pillows etc & really made it our own. The 2nd bedroom was dd nursery & as apt only new we were able to tell landlord no bed so we put cot & changing unit in there. Your baby needs you & you oh in a comfortable surrounding - it doesn't matter who pays the mortgage as long as baby is safe. Don't be stressing yourself out. This country is mad when it comes to property & with rents coming down think how much you can save in the meantime! best of luck with your pregnancy.
snowbear Posts: 2107
Congrats about your baby! I have to say I agree with the last poster. The country went mad for a while thinking everyone had to buy a house no matter where it was or how much... people ended up with massive mortgages and commutes just because they 'had' to get on that ladder... I think you're in a great position, you can live wherever you want in whatever house you want (and can afford). And make sure you strike a hard bargain with the land lord - they are getting desperate too and I'm sure you'll find someone who'd much rather a stable young couple with a baby then a gang of singles or whatever. My friend rented a house to a young family and they ended up staying four years - he was great to them as they were so reliable and they had a lovely home for their first four years of marriage. And in the meantime you can be checking out where you might like to live without pressure. Good luck!
Emme Posts: 4735
medea49 Posts: 324
thanks ladies, you've made my day-- it's comforting to know others are in the same situation we are, and I'm trying to stay positive we will find the right place for us all-- one that can feel like home! (especially since I'll be spending a lot of time in it after the birth!!) y'all are the best :thnk
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
We moved into our rented house the day I was due DS. and 3.5 years later we are still here. We have made it our own, and even got the landlord to remove some things and we replaced them with our own. We see it as an investment for when we have our own house, we wont have to buy everything at the one time. We saved and got married last year, and now we are saving for our own house. Its slow, but we will get there in the end. And in the mean time, we consider this our home. A home is what you make it.