Renvyle house hotel in Connemara as wedding venue

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bumchick Posts: 70
Hi Still trying to decide as a wedding venue and now we are swaying towards Renvyle House Hotel but although I am very familiar with the hotel I have never been at a wedding there. Any advice? tips or suggestions about this hotel in relation to weddings would be really appreciated.
monkey2 Posts: 45
hey there, I was at a wedding there last year and it was fab! I love the hotel anyway and have always thought there was something old world and romantic about it. The fact that it is so far removed makes it feel like it is your own little world. Anyway, I the wedding side i think it is a great place. The food is second to none and the chef is known for his skill in his own right. You can even buy cook books with receipes from the hotel ! The staff were all really lovely and I know the bride found the person out there great to deal with.. The hotel must be booked by the wedding party so you really have the run of the place - the restaurant, dance area and bar. It has a great lobby area for sitting by the fire and chatting. They seemed pretty flexible with the finishing up time as well as you are not likely to disturb anyone! They also let the couple have fireworks which was very cool. The hotel loked after setting them up and they went off over the little golf links place. One thing i would say is that it is not exactly all mod cons and shiny and new. It is very much of the cosy get away feeling. If it is possible you should maybe stay there for a weekend to get a feel for the place. It can also be expensive as you need to take all the rooms for 2 nights.... hope that helps !!
bumchick Posts: 70
Thanks a mil for the post. It was really helpful. We are going down to the hotel shortly and have contacted them regarding availability. I am pretty easy as to a date so fingers crossed it all works out.
monkey2 Posts: 45
Well, good luck with it. It is really it a great place to have a big party ! Other friends are getting married and having the party in different places in Connemara so let me know how you get on and I can check out how they found their places... That kinda reads funny! sorry, tired today but i hope you know what i mean ! :-8
Betsy May Posts: 2168
I was at a wedding there earlier this year and it was lovely. The hotel and it's setting are charming (even though it was a miserable day). The meal was delicious and the service good. I know that the bride and groom were looked after and invited out to stay and eat so they could check it out.
His Missus Posts: 3
Hi, I got married in the Renvyle last Christmas and I would totally recommend it for a venue. The staff are amazing and the food is still being raved about a year later. The residents bar stayed serving till about 6am and my bridesmaids took full advantage and had a great old party. (i obviously was in bed by this time!!) The night before the wedding we had a big piss up in the bar and they had organised local entertainment (trad band) of their own accord which was great craic. I didn't want to leave to go home for my beauty sleep!!! If you have any questions you want answered just pm me.