Repeat anomoly scan?

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wonderwife Posts: 463
Hi girls, Just wondering if anyone else has been asked to come back for repeat 20 wk scan? I had mine on Thursday and baby was head down and curled upand sonographer couldnt get him to shift! She saw most stuff but couldnt get a good enough view of heart or face. She said hr was good and the heart was the right size, she just couldnt see chambers etc. she also said my anterior placenta made it harder to see. I have another appointment but its not till the 3rd april!! Should I worry or is it just a formality as such?
Mrs W Posts: 2923
I'd say they're just covering themselves and being cautious, if they thought there was reason to worry they'd bring you back a lot quicker than that
Bonnie Parker Posts: 2670
I thought you could only do an anomaly scan between specific weeks, a narrow enough window?
mrspatpat Posts: 380
I had an anomaly scan at 28 Weeks, I nearly had to come back because of Baby's position. But baby moved at the last minute, and she got to see what she needed! I think they just have certain things to check off their list and the baby doesn't always make life easy for them position wise...I wouldn't worry about it.
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
at my scan on DS they couldn't see the chambers of the heart properly so i had to go away and walk around and come back 20 mins later. maybe they were just too busy to see you again that day, i wouldn't worry.
wonderwife Posts: 463
Thanks girls thats really helful. Just wish my next apt wasnt 6 weeks away! I guess if they thought something was up though they'd see me much sooner? Bonnie Parker - i thought the same but I think she said by then baby would be much bigger and heart would be much clearer.
belcra Posts: 1097
We were warned that if the baby wasn't playing ball and in the right position that we might have to go away and come back. It didn't happen but we were going in hoping the baby would be in the right position then so that they would be able to get all the info they needed. I doubt if it's anything to worry about. Oh - and our doctor does 3 anatomy scans - one at 18 weeks, one at 22 weeks and one at 24 so that's the window she uses - if that's any help?
MrsMtoB Posts: 1212
Don't worry at all about it. Same thing happened us. Dd wouldn't move and sonographer couldn't see the base of head or chambers of the heart. I had that at 20wks and repeat at 24wks was only in there for about 10mins the second time.
wonderwife Posts: 463
Thanks again girls! Hopefully the next few weeks will fly in and baby will be more cooperative - the little blighter hasnt stopped rolling around since :)