Reputable sites for job searching?

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Sheesh Posts: 1129
Well I've been unemployed now for 5 months and it's killing me. I hate having no motivation and no purpose at the moment, and also the 62.80 a week I'm entitled to on JSA doesn't last too long! I've been applying for everything, from cleaning, to babysitting, to working in a cafe, and I've heard nothing back! I have been told that some of the site I've been using are somewhat out of date, so I'm wondering is there any site that might yield some results for me?
Girl From Mars Posts: 1446
I always find and very good.
wildone Posts: 70 I think are the same as, Recruit Ireland and Fás were my favorites. You could see about getting some temp work through recruitment agencies too- this can sometimes lead to permanent roles in places. Good luck and try to stay positive, a lot of companies appear to be recruiting! Oh and check out too!
HippyChic Posts: 1812
monster,, gumtree. Basically I just type in the type of job I'm looking for and the county I live in to Google and trawl through the results. Trying to make a total change, have worked out a 10 year plan for myself and hoping to have a job by the end of my course in May (a course in an industry that I'll get no work in without another few years study naturally :duh: ). It's so frustrating, you just have to keep at it. There's loads of jobs out there alright if you have the right qualifications and experience for them, but very little "entry level" jobs, they just get snapped up so fast I guess :o(