Requesting c-section after 3rd degree tear

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Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
What is the situation in Ireland (public) with requesting a c-section after 3rd degree tear on first baby? I had to see a perineal consultant after the birth of my son (also physio) & was told that I have 5-8% chance of another (or greater tear) and my perineum is now less than 1cm. I would not like to be faced with incontinence and would like to discuss this with my consultant. I am a public patient & private isn't an option. How accommodating are they? Tia x
Lizzy1 Posts: 4128
I'm sure if you discuss it they will understand especially if its likely to happen again. Just voice your concerns and regardless of whether your public or private your health is there main priority
craftyPB Posts: 2625
At booking you should be referred to the perineal clinic for a discussion re mode of delivery. During the pregnancy, you should have at least one appointment with a consultant obstetrician to discuss it again. In general, they tend to be quite accommodating and will take your concerns into account, even though you are at low risk for repeat tear... Also, being public has nothing to do with it, just don't feel under pressure to go private!
tilsun Posts: 4506
My 3rd degree tear was on my last baby. Not planning anymore but I was told by a midwife after the birth and by the perineal consultant that c-section would be an option if I got pregnant again. My understanding was that they would make a recommendation during pregnancy but ultimately the choice would be mine. Best of luck
princesselm Posts: 240
I go private so no experience of public but I think if you show that you've thought about it, researched it and decided it's best for you they should listen to that. I didn't have a tear but had an 11lb baby, episiotomy which took around 8 weeks to be pain free, forceps which left me severally bruised and unable to use my left leg for 2 days and overall a long recovery. I bought a book called "a caesarean birth" which goes into great detail re the pros and cons of vaginal and C-section births (more aimed at those deciding on whether to go for a vbac) and found it extremely helpful and informative. I went in prepared for a fight but when I raised it with my consultant he could see I hadn't entered into the decision lightly, asked me a few questions about my recovery the first time and then said no problem to the section. he did raise going for a vaginal birth at subsequent appointments but at the end of the day was happy to do the section if I was. my recovery from the section was much much easier (although it is surgery so not a walk in the park) and i'll be having another this time.