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baby2009 Posts: 257
Hi, just trying to distract myself at the moment and doing some research on Rotunda over southside hospitals. How long are you waiting to see doc etc in the semi-private waiting rooms. I have heard different stories like waiting times for appointments in sp are the same as public. It doesn't bother me if my first appointment in later in the pregnancy like alot of places. What would bother me is if I have to pay a certain amount for imaginery shorter waiting times. I have heard of others with vhi etc not going semi private because of this. I could do with not handing over the guts of nearly a grand for no extras. I friend had a baby 4 years ago and said in semi private she only had to wait 20 mins each time compared to 1-2 hours in public. Also are all the other hospitals the same?? Rather make an informed decision then a rushed one please God when the time comes.
babybliss Posts: 437
I’m having my first in Rotunda, semi-private. I have to say the waiting times have actually been shorter than I anticipated. My first visit at 16 weeks I think I waited for approx 30 minutes, both for the scan and then the consultant. I think the first visit always takes couple of hours, as you need to get a scan, see the midwife for blood tests & medical history and finally have a chat with the consultant. Second visit was more or less on time, I reckon I waited only for 30 minutes as well. I also got my 4 hour GTT (glucose tolerance test to check for pregnancy diabetes done) and the mw couldn’t have been nicer. The only complaint I have so far is that the first visit was so late at 16 weeks, but I believe this is the same in most of the hospitals. I was lucky though, as my GP has an ancient scanner in his office and he gave me a scan at 12 weeks :lvs HTH and feel free to pm me with any questions.
baby2009 Posts: 257
That's good to know Babybliss, I had heard about the long wait for first appointment but it doesn't bother me as I would go for a private early scan before telling family etc. Anyone going pubic, how long have you had to wait at appointments? Babybliss best of luck nearly there :xox