Resizing a ring

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smurfette_ Posts: 61
How much should your fingers fatten up over time with pregnancies etc? My engagement ring is too big but I'm thinking of getting a plain proper-fitting ring to go over it rather than resizing it as I'd hate if I had to get it stretched later. Is there anything that could go wrong with decreasing its size?
Mrs Snove Posts: 1611
My fingers swell up and go down a lot. When I first got the ring I had to get it taken in twice and then a few months later I had to get it taken out again, so I decided to get a very thin band to go over the ring, that I can take on and off as I need and it's working out perfect. I don't think it's good for a ring to be taking it in and out a lot.
smurfette_ Posts: 61
Thanks for that Mrs Snove. I think I will go with the extra ring alright.