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bee2579 Posts: 146
Hi all Sorry for the rant in advance. We sent out our invites last week. We invited 167 people and I'm pretty sure at least 20 of them might not make it.I have to admit that I'm a little disappointed by peoples reactions to the invites! I know it sounds whiney but most people haven't even acknowledged that they received their invites, even though I have been talking to them and the wedding has been mentioned!! I don't want to bring it up, like they have been invited so I cant exactly ask them, 'are you going??' They didnt even compliment the invite and say it looked nice!!! >:o( Now of course Im completely worked up that no one is even gonna go to the wedding and me and my h2b will be left sitting there on our own!!!!! :ooh Anyway does anyone have words of comfort or wisdom for me? Did people react the same to other peoples invites? Or how long did it take for the RSVP's to come back??
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
Firstly, breathe! :eek Is there a chance that people haven't received the invites yet? The weather has been so awful maybe some postal routes have been delayed. Also, a lot of people just aren't that interested in invitations- I don't mean they aren't interested in you or in coming to your wedding, but maybe they aren't big into the actual invite card. I hope this doesn't sound harsh... I just think some people wouldn't even think to mention how nice they are. Finally, you definitely won't be there on your own... your wedding will be full of family and friends who can't wait to share your happy day :thnk
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
Don't stress out - some people won't even what I suggest you do is about 2 weeks before your wedding task a family member with following up on non-responses - I had to do this for my brother. Some people just have no manners when it comes to certain things........
dhidra Posts: 3147
Relax!!!! Seriously, there will be people who won't RSVP at all and you will have to chase them up. That's pretty normal. And it takes a few weeks for the acceptance cards to come in (you'll prob get a good few in the post). It's so easy to stress about the little things. And yes, it's easy for me to look back in hindsight and say don't stress! Really though, enjoy the lead up to the wedding, it's a lovely time. :thnk
sinead266 Posts: 914
:o0 thats my worry to that no-one sends back acceptance forms, but you will look back after wedding and wonder why you were stressing, if you see anyone just ask them did they get your invite, im one of those people who always has to be chased as i keep forgeting to buy a acceptance card and end up getting one at the last minute, im sending out acceptance cards with my invites hopefully they will come back sooner, if not il just ring round and torture them hahaha
bee2579 Posts: 146
Thanks for the replies and words of wisdom girls! I was clearly having yet another unnecessary panic attack over nothing!! I have now made up my mind (Thank you Dhidra) that this time in y life will only come once and I'm going to start enjoying it instead of worrying about things I have no control over! Good to hear that others have the same fears as myself though-makes me feel slightly normal!! :o0
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
Can relate to your stresses! Sent our invites out in Jan and asked for replies by mid march. So far with 2 wks to go we're waiting on over 1/2 of RSVP's to come back. Put RSVP in stamped addressed envelope with invite so literally people just need to tick and pop it back in post. I know you've said to get someone to chase up replies but really don't feel we should have to. It's bad manners not to reply and we've enough to do without having to ask people to reply. Ok rant over!! But can relate to OP's stress!! O:|
Delphinium Posts: 3027
I wonder does leaving the RSVP date too far out from the date of sending out the invites kindof encourage people to put it on the long finger. And therefore more likely to forget. I was going to send mine around Paddy's Day with RSVP 16 April for 14 May wedding. But I've noticed that invitation we got recently only gave about a week or 2 to RSVP. Maybe it's more sensible to get people to get their skates on? I'd be interested to hear experiences of those out the other side of the wedding!