Responsorial Psalm

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mama Posts: 126
I am slightly confused about this. I know when we go to church on Sunday the person saying the first reading then does the responsorail psalm, they tell everyone the response and then they speak in between, but at the wedding ceremony it seems it is sung by the singer and harpist which is lovely. But my question is do they sing the whole thing or does somebody still need to speak some of it? I hope this question makes some sort of sense, and that soemone can please please please be of some assistance.
Princess Wifey Posts: 534
Either a singer sings the whole thing (no contribution from congregation) and, if there's a choir, they sing the refrain. OR somebody speaks it and the congregation say the refrain HTH
honeybee Posts: 624
Yeah the singer sings the whole thing, we are going with 'Morning has broken' for a more modern take on it.