Restaurants in Kinsale

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Butttons Posts: 812
Hi girls, myself and dh are off to kinsale next weekend, so looking for a restaurant recomendation. We both like seafood. I've heard both fishy fishy and man friday are good?
Bonnie Parker Posts: 2670
Yeah both those Restaurants are good - I'm not entirely sure if Fishy Fishy opens in the evenings all year round. Jim Edwards is also good.
R2theB Posts: 1660
Fishy Fishy is really great. Man Friday is only so-so, I wouldn't be rushing there when there's so much other great choice. Jim Edwards and Max's Wine Bar are both really good. If you're looking for a really nice brunch/lunch go to Lemon Leaf Cafe on Main St, it's fantastic and a really nice spot to sit and chill on a rainy day, or any day actually!!
Blossom Cherry Posts: 2701
I was going to suggest Jim Edwards too. Was there recently and it was superb. Be sure to book though as it is always busy. Crackpots is gorgeous too. Have a lovely weekend!
ninja next Posts: 1548
Fishy fishy is amazing, only opens in the evening fri & sat & you will need to book. Also love crackpots
Jenny0305 Posts: 845
I live in Kinsale and our most favourite by far is Max's Wine Bar, the menu is great and so is the wine, it's not cheap but for a special night out honestly you can't beat it. I would say Max's for dinner and Fishy Fishy for lunch!
kittycatt24 Posts: 1322
Vista is yummy lil cafe/wine/tapas bar on d water front love it! Enjoy your w/e
Butttons Posts: 812
Thanks for all the suggestions girls. I booked crackpots, it looks lovely. Looking forward to the weekend :o)ll
kittycatt24 Posts: 1322
We actually ended up in Crackpots Saturday night!! Omg food was so delish!! H2b said it was the best steak he ever had!! Lovely atmosphere and really enjoyed d piano player! We will Defo be back! How was your trip there?
Blossom Cherry Posts: 2701
Glad ye liked Crackpots girls! It really is lovely alright.