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Vogue Posts: 426
Hi Ladies, Is anyone else experiencing 'restlessness'? I woke up at 5am still feeling really tired but my body wouldn't let me sleep!? I had to turn in the bed every few minutes, it was like my body was rearing to go but I was feeling exhausted. This can also happen if I'm having a snooze on the sofa, it's a right pain in the face ;o(
milis Posts: 7998
Yup, I hear ya!!! Come 8 o clock though, I could sleep for Ireland!!
Beaubelle Posts: 741
hi Vogue, I've been like that since I found out I was pregnant. I wake up every morning really early and can't get back to sleep....Can't really judge if I'm more tired though, probably because I've gone from being really busy at work to doing nothing at home so maybe that evens it out!
bunnyhop1 Posts: 419
Yep the first symptom I had!!!and Im still waking up ready to go at half 5 every morning O:|