Restricted visitors in Limerick Materntiy lifted.

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Fairywings Posts: 360
I heard last night that they have lifted the ban on no visitors in the maternity in Limerick for any of ye going there to have your babies. Im hoping as its my 2nd that I'll be in and out and won't have to worry much about it but I was worried that my DD wldn't get in. She talks about coming to see me and the baby in the hospital with her daddy all the time. Other than that, I didn't mind the no visitors rule. (now if I was in a private room for 5 days with no visitors, that wld be a diff story, I think I'd be crying out for some company)
justwed09 Posts: 2349
thats right fairywings, we were at the ante natal class last night over there and the mid wife told us it was lifted 2 days ago. midwifes arent happy about it at all! i think i'd prefer it to be in place but like you said if your in a private room for 5 days it would be different.
Fairywings Posts: 360
I think if you are only there for 2 days or so it wld be nice to have some peace and quite and bonding time with just baby. But I'm on my 2nd so I probably wld have had different views when on my first baby. justwed09, As you said I'd imagine the midwives are not happy, they were probably delighted with the quiteness.
justwed09 Posts: 2349
the midwife last night was saying that they should allow visitors at night only that afternoons should be kept for mother baby time only. they loved the quietness they said, more work was done and you can see their point i suppose. she was saying people were getting onto willie odea to interfere and thats how the ban was lifted!
zarazia Posts: 396
These are my first so i will be glad that the immediate families will get in to see them (my parents and inlaws and brothers and sisters). Wouldnt mind if no one else was allowed in. I kept thinking if I need a section ill go crazy in there on my own for 5 days and ill only be mad to show off the new arrivals. Id say they will be really strict with keeping within the visiting hours. I have to admit I was getting used to the idea of it being just me, h2b and the 2 babas and I was looking forward to it.
wouldntseemeinameringue Posts: 777
Darn it anyway. Am raging they have lifted this! Was really hoping it would be in place until May at least ;o( I'll just have to tell people now I don't want visitors in the hospital. Although MIL is a midwife in there, so she would've been allowed to visit anyway :) That's alright though, she's a dote. Definitely do not want all hubbys aunts/uncles etc. visiting me in there, would hate it.
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
oh i used to work here im dying to know who your mom in law is now!!!!
X-mas07 Bride Posts: 60
Having had a baby by c-section in Limerick maternity 6 weeks ago, and no visitors, bar DH, it was lovely. I am sorry that out parents could not see DS till we came home, but i was tired, but not shattered when i left, and the midwives seemed to have a lot of time to spend helping. I think that they wanted it to remain in place, as it was more peacefull for mum and baby, and was easier for them. I was in a private room, and by the time i went home i was ready, also there is not really a lot of space in the rooms as it is, and only one chair in it so with visitors it would be a bit crowded. Loved the fact that i could sleep when he slept, especially if it had been a bad night, and not be worried about people coming in when i had just dropped off to sleep. I for one would like to see it kept as no visitors for future kids!!