Retro 1950's Style Airstream Trailer - Food*Bar*Canapes*Cupc

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Retro 1950's Style Airstream Trailer - Food*Bar*Canapes*Cupc

Postby The Chip Van » Mon Dec 01, 2014 7:55 pm

Jason here from TheChipVan, we are on official WOL supplier and so far this year we have catered at over 40 weddings - from outside the church, to the late night, to the day after - this year we expanded our services into Pig on the Spit and Rotisserie Chicken which is already booking well for 2016. O-O

However we wanted to bring you something truly special, unique, with a real WOW factor.

For 2016 we have a stunning bespoke Airstream trailer available to cater for weddings and ceremonies throughout Ireland. Our Airstream will be available to serve gourmet Americana food, cocktails, bar service, canapes, prosecco bar, cupcakes etc.

If you think our Airstream might compliment your Big Day please feel free to get in touch and together we can find a way to really WOW Your Guests :compress

Jason White - 086 8334251
[email protected]

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Re: Retro 1950's Style Airstream Trailer - Food*Bar*Canapes*

Postby Brightbouquet » Wed Dec 28, 2016 12:17 am


Just wondering how the pig on a spit would work at the venue?

I work with a Polish girl who had this at her wedding in Poland for the reception and it went down a treat. Do hotels here allow it, given food safety concerns etc?

Or, do you normally set up outside? Do they allow this?

Love the idea, just not sure how to incorporate it.


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