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daydreambeliever Posts: 108
Hi everyone, hope someone can give me a bit of advice here, I bought a dress in a local boutique for a family members wedding, now I have discovered that someone else has the same dress (bought it in a different shop) and is wearing it to the same wedding. I returned my dress and explained this to shop owner who gave me a credit note. Problem is I dont like anything else in the shop & I cannot afford to sit with a credit note ( the dress was very expensive, and in hindsight I am sorry I spent so much on it ) Now I have to go somewhere else to buy another dress, which I cant afford to do now because of the credit note situation. I know that its not the shop owners fault but is there some kinda of consumer right to get money back instead of credit note – as I say it is a very large credit note! I dont know what to do now.....Any advice appreciated. :wv
ItsMrsBurkenow Posts: 665
i used to work in a shop that only gave out credit notes and there was uproar all the time. "its aganist the law etc etc". Its not though- under the sale of goods and supply of services act 1980 (wohoooo go me for remembering that haha from school) you are technically only entitled to a refund if the goods are faulty. We used to have people then going off and coming back with the same thing ripped and saying now its faulty!!! O:| Its crap but they are within there rights. Maybe stand outside the shop and just as someone is about to buy something ask can you swap the cash for the credit note :o0
ItsMrsBurkenow Posts: 665
or buy the dress again with the credit note and then go to the shop where the other girl bought hers and maybe they mightn't notice and give you a creidt note for that shop and you might see something there?? Sorry being stupid now :-8
daydreambeliever Posts: 108
Thanks burke2be. I had a feeling that that was the way it was alright. Such a pity cause I did love the dress. Thing is now I'm under pressure to find another dress! I might ask them would they give me my money back when they sell my dress on??? It's just now I here with a huge credit note and they have my dress & my money >:o( . I know it not their fault but it sucks!
ItsMrsBurkenow Posts: 665
When is the wedding on? Could they give you a call to let you know when their new stock is coming in- maybe you'll like something?? It's really crap- i kinda stay away from the shops now that dont give a refund! Or if you really like the dress, could you not get it again and tell the other girl that you couldnt get a refund and you have no choice but to wear it and let her have the hassle?
ntab Posts: 156
Yeah, I think it's an awful policy - very short-sighted! If I'm at all uncertain about something and I know they only offer credit notes I'll won't buy it anymore. But I was in this situation once and I went shopping with a friend who spotted something she really liked - she bought it with the credit note and gave me the money. Maybe you could ask around and see if any of your friends like the shop?