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gwumpy Posts: 182
I realise that this topic has appeared many a time but I felt I had to share with ye ladies. We did our PM friday night and yesterday. We went into it with an open mind and we were actually hoping that it would help us be stronger. In all honesty, on our way home last night, we both felt that we got sweet FA out of it. All the talk about the 5 C's etc.......... sure we'd discussed all that over the years so it was reptitive. But what annoyed both of us (especially H2B was the fertility awareness quiz). Now i know that its run by a catholic group and therefore catholic teachings apply but OMG some of the statements re contracpetion were soooooooooo unbelievable. :eek :eek We had to do the PM as parish said so and that not even meetings with priest would suffice even though we're together over 8 years and from the parish. My advice is for those couples that haven't discussed issues it'll be beneficial for ye BUT those like myself & H2B who dealt with all that stuff............well I really hope ye don't find it as a big waste of time as we did >:o( (By the way I mean no disrespect to the whole premise of PM courses - but I do feel that not everyone has to do it - that there should be different ones for different situations)
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
my pre-marriage course was nothing like that. I'd heard the horror stories so we did the MRCS course - would really recommend it
babybambino Posts: 940
It obviously depends where you do it. We're together 7 and a half years, living together for nearly 4 and we found it really good. It was all day in all hallows college, even my h2b enjoyed it even though he was moaning about it for ages before.
gwumpy Posts: 182
Am glad that ye enjoyed your PM course. We both had been looking forward to it and had hoped to come away with something from it. Obviously it wasn't the best of choices to do that particular course. I suppose its done now :-8 and that we're one step closer to getting married :o)ll
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
Thank god I didn't have to do one of these cos I would have walked out halfway through it, I refuse to listen to that garbage on contraception.
Sheep Posts: 626
[quote="mrs wc":247cbts4]Thank god I didn't have to do one of these cos I would have walked out halfway through it, I refuse to listen to that garbage on contraception.[/quote:247cbts4] Yeah I'm worried about me too. I know me and I know I won't be able to keep my mouth shut if I don't agree with something! Also if anyone tries to push religion down my throat there will be problems!
moyra-smyth Posts: 511
Ours has been going well so far. But we have that workshop day left to do and i have read over the fertility stuff they deal with and it sounds a bit im not realy looking forward to next saturday!
fifibelle Posts: 4447
Was really dreading mine but it actually was not that bad at all and some parts were actually interesting :eek They didnt really spend much time on contraception etc. but they did show us slide shows of the male & female reproduction systems which I thought was really a bit juvenile because I seriously doubt there was anyone in the room who was not familiar with them!
gwumpy Posts: 182
Like I said I really respect the idea behind Pm courses but having to listen to concepts about fertility that are just so out of date really really annoyed me & H2B >:o( Maybe I should have done more research on PM courses :-8 and therefore gone on a better one. But sure whats done is done.................
deep1 Posts: 344
Me and my h2b did ours 2 wks ago, and i found it so unbelievably boring!! We are together almost 10 years, n living together half of that. We def spoke about all the issues and i did find it really boring, i know some couple may have gotten something out of it but i thought it was the biggest waste of time.... But im delighted its over n we now have our cert!! :o)ll :o)ll