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BigDay08 Posts: 514
Hi, anyone used Rexcraft for invitations? I started an order 2 weeks ago. I got the first set of proofs pretty quickly but i had to make some changes, they hadn't taken my wording exactly or anywhere nearly exactly TBH. When i got the second set of proofs i had to make more changes (they hadn't made all the changes i requested) O:| The initial wording i sent them was exactly what i wanted and now here i am, 2 weeks later, i've paid for 4 proofs and they're still not quite right! I'm getting very p*ssed off and nervous about going ahead with the order :eek Does anyone else have any experience of them? Thanks.
Bright Star Posts: 756
hey i got some samples from them too fairly quickly and send details away for a proof (diaster!!!) i forgot about them in the end too much hassle and the delivery charge to Ireland was very very expensive!!! :wv My advise is forget about them (if u can!!!)
BigDay08 Posts: 514
Thanks Bright Star. I wasn't going to have them shipped to Ireland so that didn't bother me but i'm so frustrated with the situation with proofs. Why couldn't they just use the wording i gave them?? O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| Where did you get your invitations in the end?