Rhesus Negative-Completly freaked out

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Clumsy28 Posts: 407
I was told I was Rhesus Negative yesterday @ 26 wks pregnant.Didn't really take it In wat it meant, til I goggled (possibly a bad idea).Am not due 2 Consultant again 4 another 6 wks which wud make me 32wks pregnant then but I was readin on d net dat U sud recieve d Anti-D injection on 28wks but nothing was said.I'm in tears typin tis.Read dat baby cud b born with brain damage. & wat is bump in d bump bangin off something r actually falling on it.Completly stressed out over this
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
Clumsy try not to worry my sister is rh negative, and when baby is born, they check the blood type they have if the baby has same blood as you, then you wont need an injection, its only if the baby has diff bloodtype you need the injection You would have had to have an injection earlier on, if you had any type of a bleed(i think, someone may correct me on this one). HTH in some sort of way :wv
MrsDelight Posts: 206
Please dont be worrying. Give your GP or consuktant a ring and get them to clarify for you. My mum is rhesus negative and 3 of out 4 of us kinds are positive so she had to get an injection straight after the birth and to make sure no blood from the babies would mix into hers. My sister is 22 wks preganant and also rhesus negative and she has been told that again she would need to get an injection straight after the birth should the babies bloods type differ to hers and should she fall or be in an accident before the birth she will need to go to hospital and if intenal bleeding she would need to get an injection. Please contact your own GP to get re-assurance and get him to confirm that this would also be what should happen in your case as I dont want to give you incorrect information as this is only from personal experience. I am sure it will all be fine :action32
theoracle Posts: 7664
Clumsy28 - there is absolutely no reason for you to worry - being rhesus negative does not in some mysterious way automatically result in any harm to your baby whatsoever. Almost 50% of the population is rhesus negative so there are loads and loads of expecting ladies who are rhesus negative - this is not a medical condition. If your husband is also rhesus negative, there is no issue whatsoever now nor will they ever be in any future pregnancies. As someone mentioned, there is a potential issue in future pregnancies IF your baby is rhesus positive AND your blood gets mixed up with the babies AND you do not get the anti-d injection at birth. If your blood comes into contact with your baby's blood IF the baby is rh positive you may develop antibodies, which is what the anti-d injection is for, to prevent those antibodies to form. IF on your next pregnancy you have another rh positive baby, then there is POTENTIALLY an issue as your antibodies may affect your baby's red blood cells. However, on your consequent pregnancies they will monitor the levels of antibodies and as said, the anti-d injection will be administered as needed, so there is really very little to be concerned about.
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
As others have said please don't be worrying. I am rhesus negative and my LO has her dad's blood type O. Just after she was born they gave me an injection and it was never thought of again. If you are worried call your GP but I genuinely don't think you have anything to worry about especially if your OH is rhesus.
Clumsy28 Posts: 407
Tanx 4 quick responses just worried wat bang in d bump means.Terrified of people bangin of me now incase I have internal bleeedin dat I don't know bout.I've been sailing thru d pregnancy all along even d consultant said I was d prefect patient yesterday.Just I was worry free til now if U get my meanin.
justwed09 Posts: 2349
clumsy, please relax and stay away from google!! google can be dangerous to some cases! im rh neg too, was discovered too at 26 weeks on my ds. i never bumped my bump but was told if i did to go to maternity and they would give me an anti d injection. We found out dh is rh neg too and even though thye knew the still tested the core blood from baby when he was born and of course he was rh neg so i did not need the injection. the injection is just so that if the babies blood mixed with yours and baby wasnt rh neg, it can make antibodies in your system for the enxt time you get pregnant but the injection stops that from happening. When you go into labour you will be given a wrist band stating you are rh neg so any midwife will know to test the core blood after delivery.
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
[quote="Clumsy28":340fwzhf]Tanx 4 quick responses just worried wat bang in d bump means.Terrified of people bangin of me now incase I have internal bleeedin dat I don't know bout.I've been sailing thru d pregnancy all along even d consultant said I was d prefect patient yesterday.Just I was worry free til now if U get my meanin.[/quote:340fwzhf] I can't remember ever having a major bang to the bump but I'm sure baby is well protected in there even from people bumping into you. I would imagine it takes more than being in a crowded place to cause an internal bleed. I think you need to just take a minute to calm down and remember that you have been having a great pregnancy till now and you want to keep enjoying it. The rhesus thing will sort itself out and as with all pregnant women you will be careful of your bump no matter what as will the people around you.
theoracle Posts: 7664
You would have to have a majpr bang for anything to be at risk happening - even if you have a major bump there is no guarantee that there would be a bleed, it is pure precaution they are talking about. A major bump would be eg a fall down the stairs or if you were in a car accident for example. Babies are being born to rh negative women all the time so put things in context.
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
I found out a few weeks ago that I too am RH- and spoke to my consultant about this last week. I had been slightly concerned but he completely put my mind at risk. Firstly- as this is your first baby there is no risk to this child at all. The only issue would be for future children if this baby is + and you don’t get the anti D shot after birth. So first and foremost put all thoughts of this baby being damaged out of your mind. Secondly, you only need to worry if you have a significant trauma to your belly or vaginal bleeding. Brushing your bump off someone in a crowd would not fall under either of these categories so again- try not to worry. Even if you do get a bump or have vaginal bleeding this does not mean that you are having “internal bleeding” it means that some of the baby’s blood and some of your blood may mix so again, you would need the anti d shot up to 78 hours after the event. This is a precaution more than anything else. So try not to worry. You have been and still are having a lovely pregnancy and this news does not change that fact. My cons wasn’t in the least bit concerned about it.