Rimmell Wake Me Up Foundation - feedback

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win Posts: 183
Hi, spotted this in Dunnes on offer approx €6.50. Need foundation for day wear. Does anyone use it and what colour. I have dark hair & like a bit of colour in my foundation. I tried the testers on my hand but could not judge. It seem to have a nice dewy finish. Would love some feeback.
tassajara Posts: 723
It seems to review pretty well over on Beaut.ie: http://beaut.ie/blog/2012/wake-me-up-be ... om-rimmel/ The only thing I remember from swatching it a few weeks ago is that it has a yellowish undertone (like most Rimmel foundation) and it can look scarily glittery on your hand but looks lovely on. Also, please please match your foundation to your actual skin tone, and add colour using bronzer, blush and highlighters. Don't add colour to your face using foundation, your makeup will always look really harsh and artificial like that.
paperclips Posts: 3146
I use this on and off. I bought it to use as my day time foundation as I was getting through my MAC foundations too quickly. Anyway, I find it good, but in the natural light, I feel like it leave my face a little shiny looking. For €6.50 I would probably buy it.
Maybethisyear13 Posts: 992
It's a nice foundation and is "youthful" if you know what I mean?! I have quite oily skin though so I can't really use it. It slides off my face! So maybe avoid if you suffer from Tzone shine!
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
I have not tried it but I used their Perfect Match foundation, its about €9.95 and it is on 3 for 2 in Boots at the moment (all Rimmel stuff is) I have been using Rimmel foundation for easily 10 years now, I would not use any other brand :-8
lollisue Posts: 507
I've tried it and didn't like it at all. I found that it didn't give much coverage, it's more like a tinted moisturiser than a foundation. I have very dry skin though so it just might not suit my skin type.
win Posts: 183
Hi, thanks for all the feedback. I went to boots & a girl picked the colour Soft Beige, so I bought it in Dunnes for €6.95, cheeky I know. Bad purchase, its way too pale for me & I felt none of he shimmer came through. I plan on mixing it with another foundation I have that is too dark & hope to use it up. Like the other posters said very light coverage. At least it wasn't too expensive. My search continues, I am determined to find a budget option. Thanks for all replies.
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
what number is that one? i use 201 classic beige and its just perfect to use on its own or with a powder. Go and ask for a sample of some of them and then when you find one that suits go back to Dunnes. Was it all foundations at that price? Don't suppose their primer was on offer did you notice? Its brilliant.
hestia Posts: 2368
Is it not in breach of advertising standards for false claims? Would need more than a foundation to wake me up. Unless it's fortified with a quadruple expresso.
win Posts: 183
Hi Mrs. BMW,they would not give me samples take home. Soft beige is no. 200. Didnt notice the primer, but will look out for it after your recommedation, thanks. The Wake me up consealer is also reduce to something like €5.50. I agree with the last poster, there is nothing wake me up about it!