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littlebobby Posts: 106
Hi Girls, Im looking for some help. I tried on a Rina Di Montella dress in Dublin and im just wondering do any of you know any more stockists in the leinster area I cant seem to find any. I would really like to compare prices etc. All help much appreciated
ceceliaoneill Posts: 1
Their is a shop in Kilkenny called CAmeo Bridal. Number 0567765753. Linda is the name of the owner - if she doesn't have the dress you want - she will get it it. There are only 5 bridal shops in Ireland that do the Rina Di Montella range, this shop is one, there is one in Sligo, Limerick, Dublin and Belfast. Best of Luck!
flow Posts: 296
hi June26th, i just bought my Rina de montello dress about 3 weeks ago and i love it. i bought it in a shop in dublin i didnt realise that it was the only shop in dublin that did them as the previous poster said. i would be interested to see how you get on with the price comparssion. i will say that i did really like the customer service that i received in the shop in dublin. also i presume you are getting married the 26th of June but what year? :wv
Mrs Tayto Posts: 305
love those dresses Great one in this post http://www.weddingsonline.ie/discussion ... p?t=223001 where I put a link to Mon cheri stockists which they are part of http://mon-cheri.co.uk/?page_id=45#EIRE