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Dexter Posts: 7
Hi all, My better half has found her dream dress and is hoping to order it from RK bridal. Is there any woolies out there that could let us know the best way of going about it. i.e. getting measured over here, placing order, fittings, recommended people to alter?? As you can imagine, I haven't a clue, but remember seeing a thread on this a while back. HELP!! Thanks in advance Dexter
wannababba Posts: 1161
Hi Dexter I havent ordered from abroad, Im getting my dress made, however if I were you Id take into account, the customs charge for importing the dress, and any alterations it is going to cost. what I suggest is that your B2B goes to a bridal shop and see do they have the dress she wants or even the same designer and get the correct sizes before ordering, she can just ask the sales assistant the us size of the dress, to be honest most of them are well aware that brides shop around for their dresses and are used to theese questions. if she does order it form there, make sure she gives herself plenty of time to order the dress and get it delivered and if she does need to get it altered make sure she goes to some-one who is used to altering bridal dresses Good Luck with your plans
pinkdiva Posts: 457
Hi Dexter, Welcome! Well its all easy really! I ordered my dress from RK early August and it arrived last Friday! First of all she needs to check that RK Bridal have the dess she wants. ( she should really try in on here first) She needs to call them for a quote for the dress and shipping. She then needs to get meaured... by you or a tailor. My Fiance measured me. She then needs to print the order form (for that Designer) from the RK site and circle the size she wants, nearest to the measurements. Wedding dresses are funny in sizing and all designer size charts are different! just cause someone might be a 10 here does not necessarily mean she'll be a US 12 if you know what i mean. once that's done fill in the rest and fax it. RK bridal will take the money from credit card details and will e mail her an expected delivery date. Hope all that makes sense! If there is anything else please ask. [url=] [img:d2rjvr02];10716;6/st/20080308/e/I+marry+my+soulmate/dt/5/k/05fd/event.png[/img:d2rjvr02] [/url]