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Mum of one Posts: 304
I ordered my bridesmaid dresses 12 weeks ago from RK Bridal and they're due in their shop sometime this week. Just wondering those of you that ordered from them did you wait for them to contact you or did you ring them up. I just can't wait for them to arrive. Were any of you waiting a lot longer than 12 wks for your dresses?
Blondelle Posts: 200
I ordered mine on the 2nd May and i got them delivered to ireland last Friday. They sent me an email the week before saying the were being shipped by i think DHL. Don't worry, they won't be long. I was charged approx €81 customs I'm very pleased with mine, they are gorgeous. Just have to get them altered now, i ordered them very big!! Best of Luck with them
Mum of one Posts: 304
Thanks brideoct08, glad your so happy with your purchases. It's just that I've read about so many people having theirs delivered so much earlier than the 12 wks that I suppose I'm getting a bit anxious! I ordered mine April 17th. Anyway fingers crossed they'll be here soon. :thnk
Blondelle Posts: 200
I think it depends on the dress designer, but its no harm to email them if you want to put your mind at ease. [email protected] They might take a day or two to respond especially if its the weekend
RandG Posts: 89
I got an e-mail from RK Bridal on Saturday to say that my wedding dress and BM dresses were being sent on Monday by express mail UPS and I got a tracker number. I have been checking it all week and it has been in customs since yesterday. Anyone know how long customs takes to process packages? I was hoping I would have the dresses before the weekend, so fingers crossed for tomorrow. Anyone waiting over a week for theres to arrive??
MrsS-at-last Posts: 182
Hey girls! :wv Looking for advie from you all. Thinking of ordering my dress and bm dresses from rk. Would you recommend? Any tips? or is there anything i should watch out for?