Road Rage Death

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StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402 Jesus, just read this on the RTE news website. I'll be the first to admit I have the odd bout of road rage but beeping the horn and letting a roar out is the extent of it. This poor man and his family.
Esketti Posts: 936
Its shocking. I'd have a bit of road rage myself at times, but to think that this could happen over a bit of driving is just insane! God love his family and may he rest in peace!
redroses Posts: 714
For F sake, thats so terrible. i hope they catch the man that killed him. To beat someone else over road rage is ridicolous, he must of had some rage on him at the time. Ive often got so annoyed driving but thats insane. RIP to the victim and i hope they catch the man.
MikeBurkePhotography Posts: 286
I tend to be quite mellow when driving but in part years I was well prone to a bit of road rage like SSF mentioned above - but this is terrible, the poor man and his family.
PussyGalore Posts: 3388
Oh that's awful, who could be so lacking in humanity as to do that? I'm desperate for flashing the lights if someone annoys me and of course I like to yell at the 'idiot' in the privacy of my own car but I can't imagine getting out of the car and physically assaulting someone. Lock the car when you're in it girls
redroses Posts: 714
[quote="shumbles":yhq71lcz] Lock the car when you're in it girls[/quote:yhq71lcz] Ive done that for years, i feel safer when im on my own witht the car locked. often think thought if i had an accident nobody would be able get me out.
MikeBurkePhotography Posts: 286
Also, at traffic lights, keep well back from the car in front of you - this will give you the option of pulling out if someone approaches you.
einstein Posts: 485
So sad, what has the world come to??