Robbed by Customs or UPS?!

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wifey4lifey Posts: 306
Hi ladies , so i ordered my chair sashes from USA 150 of them came to 98 euro, that was delivery included, so UPS man arrives today with a bill of 42.57 for me to pay for vat . is it me or is that not overly steep!!? as in its nearly half of the price i paid. i actually paid 56 dollars for delivery. so the sashes actually only came to 72 dollars or something before adding delivery. Can anyone tell me how I paid that much. It says freight - 25.35 other charges- 14.00 then vat of 3.35 onto that ! >:o( >:o( very annoyed.
jjewel Posts: 691
Not sure on the actual charges but I know they include delivery when calculating the customs bill so the 56 dollars of postage will be included - doesn't make sense really but its definitely included!
amthee Posts: 688
I had this happen to me before and I was just so mad! We are have thinking of getting our wedding rings abroad and getting them couriered to Ireland but I'm afraid what we save from getting them abroad will be charged by customs. >:o( >:o(