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nelly Posts: 1875
outside my patio doors. I thought it was a mouse run past there this morning but it was only him - he has been there for about 2 hours now on and off. don't have any crumbs would sunflower seeds be too big for him you think?
ginger nut Posts: 5989
i found this - i think they should be ok if you've any bacon rind or other fat i think they like that at this time of year. i sometimes make a "cake" for the birds in the winter - melt lard or dripping (stinks the house out so get some scented candles for afterwards) and add mixed seeds, crumbs etc to it. put on bird table. or if you can get some of those balls of seeds and fat in the supermarket and hang them in the trees - the birds go mad for them in the cold weather.
nelly Posts: 1875
cool, i actually chopped a few for him! I don't want to leave out bread cause, i am running low and i don't want to attract crows. thanks for the link.