This report is well over due - wedding date 11th Sept 2015 in the Irish College, Rome. It was a fab day - the sun shone, the birds were singing, everyone was in a happy mood! It was an early start tho - 11am wedding meant I was up at 6am for breakfast, with hair and makeup starting at 6.45am. Which was grand as there was only 3 of us for hair and makeup. 1 bridesmaid was on the missing list as she had missed the rehersal (she said she had been a bridesmaid before so she knew what she was doing - she still had to ask one of my sisters what she had to do before walking up the aisle), so had no idea where to go to meet the rest of the bridal party. That delay aside, the hair and make up girls were great fun, putting me at ease when all was beginning to fall apart as I couldn't contact said bridesmaid! Said girl also made slight adjustments to her hair, her dress and her jewellery. Anyway, all that aside, we were only about 10 mins late to the chapel. Everything went off perfectly, I had researched some Italian and Roman wedding customs which we incorporated into the day. We went into the reception room afterwards to sign the registers and do some photographs. Our photographer was brilliant - he is a photojournalist and more into telling the story of the day than the formal set wedding party photos. We left there and went down the road to a convent nearby for some really stunning photos in their courtyard - not sure if that was allowed, but I just really loved the light, peace, architecture. Off to the Colleseum, Aventine Gardens and the Fountain dell'Acqua Paola - where the big black rain cloud started drifting over towards our wedding party. We were done with the photos in an hour! So, on to the restaurant where we had just sat down to the meal when the skies opened. Heavy downpour while we were eating took the heat out of the day and meant we could have more casual photos in the gardens of the restaurant - Orazio Restaurant near the Caracalla Baths. We left there with very full bellies and off to our hotel where we rested for about an hour before I changed into a shorter dress for our after party at Scholars Bar down by the Victor Emanuelle monument. The following day we left our guests at their leisure and had arranged to meet up at a local pizzeria Ristorante Naumachia for dinner and then off to some local taverns for some vino. We hung around Rome for the weekend to ensure our guests had a fab time (and they went home!). We headed off south to Sorrento for a week. For anyone who is thinking about going abroad - definitely look into it. We ended up with 45 guests which is huge for a Rome wedding but very small for an Irish wedding. Everyone who came, had a ball. We were all in holiday mode, so no stresses, no mothers getting overly excited, no interfering neighbours, no know it all friends/colleagues....... Looking back would I change anything? maybe 1 or 2 small things, but they were more to do with me and my reactions to things that happened. Overall, it was a great weekend. We are heading back to Rome in March for a long weekend and I cant wait!