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Carthusia Posts: 148
Hi have my first appointment with Ronan Gleeson in the Rotunda on Friday morning. I have asked about him on some other forums and have only received bad reports and comments what how interventionist he is and every baby he seems to have delivered is by cesarean. has anyone who has used this guy got something good to report... Im very scared about meeting him on Fridy and would appreciate any response... thank you
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
Hi carthusia :wv :wv couldnt read and not reply. My sister had her son privately under Dr Gleeson in the Rotunda in September. Right the way through her whole pregnancy he was nothing but fantastic, at 8 days overdue he decided to induce her - which unfortuneately didnt work and she ended up needing an emergency c-section as the baby was becoming distressed. It was only after the section it was discovered had she given birth naturally her pelvis would have shattered and she could have been left paralysed as her hips and pelvis didnt widen during pregnancy the way they should have, there is no real reason for this happening - but may have had something to do with the fact she is so petite. He also ensured and had a row with another consultant about getting her pushed ahead of someone else for a section to ensure she got a private room in the lillie suite for her 5 nights - which he did!! the preconception Dr Gleeson always ends up sectioning his patients probably comes for 2 reasons 1: he is the twin/multiple birth consultant in the Rotunda - always a higher risk of being sectioned with a multiple birth and 2: if youre seeing him or any consultant privately they would be quicker to section you than a midwife!! HTH As i said i would have no problem recommending Dr Gleeson and please God myself and H2B will find ourselves using him in the not so distant future!! *) congrats on your pregnancy BTW!!!
Carthusia Posts: 148
Thanks for the reply Dublin Bride I'll meet him tomorrow and see what he's like...
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
[quote="Carthusia":hzhaf8x0]Thanks for the reply Dublin Bride I'll meet him tomorrow and see what he's like...[/quote:hzhaf8x0] No prob best of luck tom! :thnk
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
[quote="Carthusia":1dqgkfv1]Thanks for the reply Dublin Bride I'll meet him tomorrow and see what he's like...[/quote:1dqgkfv1] No prob best of luck tom! :thnk let me know what you think of him!
ms jolie Posts: 166
Hiya, Im with Dr Gleeson too. Ive only met him twice so far, but seems pleasant mannered and Ive found him easy to ask questions to (although Ive not had many to ask him so far)! I wouldnt want a c section, unless of course it was necessary, so Im a little concerned after reading this.