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aprilbaby Posts: 7
Hi, Hopefully someone can give me some advise. I have been passed on my grandmothers 18ct rose gold wedding band. We are planning to get engaged later this year. It seems to be difficult to find rose gold engagment rings in jewellers as white gold and plantium is now most popular. Not keen on getting one made as i like to see it on first and really not sure what i want. Someone said i should look for an antique engagement ring as the band is antique. Do i have to go with rose gold engagement or can i use another metal Any advise, this all new to me!
LittleLily Posts: 3682
I'm not too sure but I think if you were to go for a different one it would have to be a different gold and definitely not platinum. So yellow gold or white gold, either of which could be lovely with your rose gold ring. You say you don't want to get anything made but you could go try on rings in jewellers in the other metals to see what yo like and what suits you and then once you know, go to a goldsmith and get them to make a replica in rose gold. The 2 different colour metals would look lovely but I think the rose gold would be so unusual and so different it would be worth trying to get it.
JustBecause Posts: 3242
If you get a ring made they will make a mock up ring for you. Or you could pick a style of ring that you like and have it made in rose gold. Voltaire Diamonds on here are supposed to be very good, you could contact them and ask for ideas? I think white gold would be lovely with it and you could get a yellow gold eternity ring down the line ;o)
nicknax Posts: 280
hi you shpuld checked out Volitare Diamonds website and facebook page. I know i saw a rose gold engagement ring on there a littlw while ago. Hope this is of help.
olbol Posts: 280
Hi Aprilbaby My h2b has inherited a rose gold wedding band too...not keen on wearing it as is, so is getting the ring incorporated into his band - it will be white gold/palladium (not decided on final metal yet) band - 6mm thick - you know the flat wide modern type of mans band?? - and there will be a circle of rose gold through it (melted down from the original). Kinda hard to describe it to be honest, but we've been told it can be done - you often see mens rings with yellow gold through white gold so like that. Maybe you could look at doing that - the ring lives on in your new design! Good luck with it - I'll keep you posted on how we go :wv
Voltaire Diamonds Posts: 517
Hi Aprilbaby, Please see picture attached of a rose gold engagement ring we sold recently. I have one in stock if you would like to meet and try it on. All our engagement rings are available on Rose Gold. Please visit and our popular Facebook page\voltairediamonds Many thanks Seamu
Molberts Posts: 46
Hi Aprilbaby, I am currently waiting on my rose gold engagement ring from Seamus at Voltaire to be ready :hyper: Can't wait to see it! I was also stressing about ordering a ring without seeing it so totally understand that point, Seamus hasn't taken a deposit and has told us if we don't like it we won't be stuck with it. I'm sure I'll love it when I see it but this has really put my mind at ease, I've stopped stressing now (was worrying a little bit - virgo habit can't help it!) and am just looking forward to seeing it and hopefully loving it :lvs Give him a buzz, he's lovely :compress
CroB2B2011 Posts: 399
Can't help with the rose gold, but we did get my ring made without seeing it.] We went around all the highstreet shops and tried on loads. The centre stone on my ring is a ruby and the metal is platinum - we didn't see a single ruby set in white gold/platinum! I tried on rings with different stones, different shapes, sizes etc to figure out what I wanted. All the ruby rings were set in white gold and had the "wrong" shape side stones, but I found diamond rings in the style I wanted etc. By the time we went to get it made (in Gardiner Brothers in Belfast), I knew exactly what I wanted and discussed it in some detail with the jeweller there. So it's definitely doable!
Weldon Jewellers Posts: 47
hi aprilbaby, like i said over in bling forum, one little bit of advice is to make sure you bring the wedding ring with you when you go shopping. rose gold comes in lots of different tones, and the aging and patination of your ring might make it tricky to get a close match, so you'd definately want to try it on with the engagement ring. i'd definately give seamus a call, and call into lots of jewellers around town, nice rose gold can be a hard thing to find but it makes it all the better when you do! hope this helps! garret
cabbagehead Posts: 3899
Aprilbaby I think rose gold is sooooo beautiful :lvs :lvs :lvs I had planned on getting a rose gold engagement ring (but changed my mind when I fell in love with a different design) so I can tell you there are definitely loads out there. I second Seamus from Voltaire, he sent me a few beautiful pictures when I started my search. Also, lots of the jewellers in Antwerp can do rose gold for you (if you're thinking of travelling). Finally, I have a piece of rose gold jewellery from Wright & Teague. They make stunning, stunning jewellery, and also do wedding and engagement rings - and almost all of their designs can be made in rose gold. Here's the link to their ring selection: ... &cPath=163 I'd agree with the comment above about bringing the existing ring with you as there are loads of different versions of rose gold. PLEASE share a pic when you find your ring!!