Rose of Tralee

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mrsm13 Posts: 65
Omg anyone watching the rose of Tralee? Was it just me or did that girl clearly not want to be proposed to????? God me heart goes out to her, I'm sure he was trying to be so romantic but it just came across as awkward hope it was just absolute shock on her part and she genuinely accepts his proposal.
atina Posts: 2240
Yea she kept saying no and to stop!!
mrsm13 Posts: 65
Could of been shock and nerves but I couldn't help but feel she was not to happy about it!! Poor girl.
JaneWP Posts: 152
"No, no, no, no please don't do this" are not things you say if you really love the guy and want to marry him! Maybe it was just she didn't want him to ask her live on tv but I think there was way too many no's in there for it just to be that....very awkward to watch! Feel so bad for the girl!
Bluebellbride Posts: 610
Here's the link.. That was painful to watch....though I will say I reacted a bit like that with the shock and we didn't have an audience!!
Dolally Posts: 394
Silly man... My proposal was hailarious but for all the right reasons and we were alone... Kinda... Lol
hyperrational Posts: 697
Very cringeworthy.... maybe I'm being a little self centred in my view but talk about stealing her limelight. It would be a big deal for her, probably one of the biggest nights of her life and now it's going to be remembered more for him proposing and her "no no no no" response.... I'd be livid with him I think. But maybe I'm odd and this would be everyone else's ideal proposal?
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Just watched the clip now, mega cringe. I'd kill him! It's more about him being ballsy enough to go on stage and do it, than her having a dream proposal. I doubt any girl would want to be proposed to live on stage like that?! Again - I'd kill him!
Snuffy Posts: 1492
I'd also kill him. That's my idea of hell.
Bootsie Posts: 448
that was uncomfortable watching! The poor girl!