Rotunda Antenatal classes - question!

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sinion Posts: 6050
Can anyone who has been to these recently answer a question for me? Have my second class today, just wondering if this is one that hubby needs to attend also or is it a more mother orientated one again? The first one was just about diet and exercise and general info that didn't require him there, just wondering if this one will be the same or will they start discussing labour today? He's incredibly busy and stressed in work and I know it would be a lot easier if he could just skip this one and go to the rest instead. Ta!
allexcitednow Posts: 654
I finished my classes a few weeks ago. just waiting on baby now!! The second one is about the first stage of labour i.e everything up to when you start to push including pain relief etc. My husband was going to go to this one but couldn't at the last minute coz of work. I really didn't feel he missed out on much. he was worried he would. I bought him a book called a blokes guide to pregnancy and anything that was talked about was covered in the book. he was relieved. you also have an hour of physio. which they go through positions and exercises for the early stage of labour. The third class is about the second stage of labour and recovery etc. and if the labour ward is not busy they bring you up to have a look - makes it all very real. I thought it was good to see the delivery room. coz all i had in my head was what i had seem in films!! and this is exactly what the men are thinking off!! The physio was more of the same. and they covered labour positions and a little bit about handleing the baby to prevent flat head etc. The fourth and fifth were condensed and there was no physio. this class was about baby care and feeding. i thought this was very good as i am hoping to breast feed and it cleared up a lot of little questions I had. As a whole there wasn't a lot that wasn't covered in any of the books but it was good to clarify some things and find out what hospital policy is for things such as the epidural. If he has the time he should go to all of them. the only one that was pointless was the first one!! good luck!
sinion Posts: 6050
thanks so much for your post, I'm afraid I didn't get it in time though and dragged him along :o0