Rotunda bag packing

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pinky winky Posts: 564
Im sure this has been asked and answered loads of times... Any recent rotunda mammies got any advice re what to pack for my hospital bag. How many sheets / blankets for baba etc... I thought they would have given me a list or something?
angels 58 Posts: 236
North Star Posts: 137
Ladies, there's a sticky with good tips on this. Link: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=39030
Asscher Posts: 732
I had my DS in the Rotunda 10 weeks ago. The Rotunda provide sheets and blankets so there is no need to bring any with you. All the blankets are blue so if you are having a girl or don't know sex you might want to bring a neutral blanket with you. I brought a cream cellular blanket for first photos in case we had a girl and I never used it. Maybe a couple of muslin squares for spit ups but I got fresh sheets no problem whenever I wanted. We got a list at our ante natal class and there is one on the Rotunda website also. I would bring at least 7 babygros and vests. I stayed the three nights and used all of mine. I also had brought PJS for myself for afterwards as I never really wear night dresses but for me personally the nighdresses were far more comfortable after giving birth.
pinky winky Posts: 564
Thanks for your reply Asscher, that's exactly the info I was looking for :thnk I knew chickening out of the ante natal classes would come back to bite me in the ass!
soexcited78 Posts: 63
Hi Pinky Winky, I just happen to have my Rotunda list from the Antenatal class in my bag today because I was out getting some bits yesterday so here it goes, you will need 2 bags. Mother 2 Nightdresses Ligthweight dressing gown Slippers Toiletries Bath towel Panties Maternity pads Lip Balm Snacks Camera Personal stero/something to read Birth plan Baby Babygrow Vest 2 Nappies Towel Mother ( post natal ward bag) 4 night dresses/Pyjamas ( front opening if you plan on breastfeeding) Maternity bra's Breast pads Maternity pads (2 packs) Lots of cotton underwear or disposable pants Phone charger/Phone credit Plastic bags to send washing home in Have your going home outfit ready for your partner to bring in. dont forget to choose something loose fitting. Baby (post natal ward) 2 soft towels 6-8 babygrows 6 cotton vests Baby scratch mitts/baby hat 2 cardigans cotton wool Vaseline Baby bath lotion soft blanket bag of disposable nappies Hope this helps happy shopping :)
pinky winky Posts: 564
Thanks for that soexcited, I just printed it off to use as my tick list! :thnk
lush11 Posts: 2877
Yep, the Rotunda provide sheets and blankets so dont bother packing cos they take up a good bit of room.
soexcited78 Posts: 63
No problem at all my SIL had a baby a few weeks ago and she said she would highly recommend a water facial spray she said it was a god send so I will picking up one of those myself!!!