Rotunda Labour policy ?

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JanuaryJones Posts: 164
Rotunda labour policy - what is it ??
JanuaryJones Posts: 164
:o)ll any takers
MrsMtoB Posts: 1212
I'm not actually sure what it is. Do u mean the active management thing? Like once you're in labour how fast you have to progress?
JanuaryJones Posts: 164
I think so. Not sure myself, hence the question.
MrsMtoB Posts: 1212
It's a graph and once you're over the 3cm dilated you go on it, I think they check every 3-4hrs and you need to have dilated another certain amount to stay above the line, otherwise they can give you some things to move you along. Having said that I went to delivery at 3cm but the head was still high so they left me all day to see if I would progress myself without any intervention but I didn't do anything. Got sent to pre-natal ward stayed there till waters broke and I was 7cm by that stage. Got the epidural and all the contractions stopped so they put me on a drip and got me going again. Have you been to an ante natal class yet? They usually go through that kind of thing there.
JanuaryJones Posts: 164
No - not attended classes yet. Thanks for the update. Just feeling clueless at the moment
Sassypants Posts: 4461
I think they'll just let you know at your antenatal classes. I'm with HS and didn't know much about it all until our classes. In HS they put you on a trace for 20 mins once you're in established labour. They expect you to dilate @ rate of 1cm per hour. They give you approx 12 hours to get baby out and then they'll intervene. They induce after 14 days over. They'll let you push for 1 hour without intervention also. Is that the kind of thing you mean? Sorry, I only know about HS!
twoboys Posts: 320
It depends how busy they are too. Have a look at this site for the polices/statistics for the different hospitals. The Rotunda has a less progressive induction policy (10 days) which would also contribute to having the highest rate of caesareans in the 3 Dublin hospitals. Tracy
Delphinium Posts: 3027
I was told at ante natal classes at Rotunda that policy on induction was 14 days. I was induced at 12 days. Ended up having an emergency section due to failure to progress after 24 hours. I certainly felt no pressure to have the section and I was resisting the decision all day. They would have allowed me wait a further 24 hours if I had wanted to.
NemoFish Posts: 2501
They induce at 10 days. This is cos they are so busy it gives them leeway to put you off for a day or two if necessary, without going over the 14 days. When I went in, in labour, I was told I was expected to dilate one cm every 1-2 hours. I think if you are going slower than that they intervene.