Dear friends, AIMS Ireland North East met last week to discuss how we could start make changes on a local level for the women of the North East. AIMSI North East represents women for Rotunda, OLOL Drogheda and Cavan and women chosing home birth in this regional area. AIMSI North East discussed the success of the Consumer Groups out of Cavan and OLOL Drogheda and have decided to initiate discussion with management on implementing a Consumer Group for the Rotunda. Our hope is that in creating a consumer group, that we might have a platform for consumer and carers to discuss ways in which we can further extend the excellence of care in the Rotunda Hospital. Topics which may be discussed from such a group would be the expansion of the DOMINO service, wait times, and booking in visits. AIMS Ireland North East has devised a simple yes/no question survey in which to see if there is interest with women (and men!) for a consumer group You can fill in the survey here: We appreciate your time and interest! AIMSI NorthEast Chair: Caroline Rocliffe [email protected] Coordinator: Jene Kelly [email protected]