Rotunda or Holles St?

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wantingafamily Posts: 52
Hoping some of you wollies can help me a bit. I have appointment with doctor coming up and need to get my head round choosing a hospital. I'm overloaded looking at info on Rotunda and Holles St. Hoping to go private or semi private and have no idea about consultants or anything. What have your experiences been? Thanks.
Bluebear Posts: 1594
Congrats on your bfp! I went private in the Rotunda & was under Dr Connolly- really can't fault anything about my dealings with the Rotunda & would go back again. If your private /semi-private the wait times for ante natal appointments is significantly less than going public. Also have friends who went private/ semi-private in Holles St & had a positive experience. The deciding factor for me was we live closer to the Rotunda & it was easier to juggle hospital appointments with work.
tickingclock Posts: 609
Personally, I am going public in Holles Street. However, I see a consultant as I'm high risk. Shane Higgins is his name and he is fantastic. I know he sees patients privately as well. I think one of the main differences is that Holles Street let you go 14 days over your due date before induction whereas the Rotunda is only 10 days. Open to correction though! I've heard good and bad things about all 3 Dublin maternity hospitals. We chose Holles Street for convenience and over due policy but each to their own! Good Luck!
atina Posts: 2240
I'm going semi p in Holles street and so far so good. I'm under Dr Carroll and he's very nice i also saw Dr O Brien one week when Dr Carroll and he was so lovely and down to earth
wantingafamily Posts: 52
Thanks for taking the time to reply. I can't ask anyone as it's such early days. I've had friends who have gone to both hospitals and had good experiences but at the time I wasn't paying attention to who their consultants were and it would be very suspicious if I started asking now!
katiebaby78 Posts: 679
I went semi private in rotunda on my 3 week old and my 2.5 yr old and thought they were great. Couldn't say a bad word about the place . I have a few friends who went to Holles street and they have awful stories but those stories can be in any of the maternity hospitals and no doubt there are women who have bad experiences in rotunda but I just haven't met any.
wantingafamily Posts: 52
katiebaby78 can I ask who your consultant was? I'm kind of leaning towards the Rotunda but I'm bit worried about the 10 day overdue induction policy.
tilsun Posts: 4506
Congrats! I'm semiprivate in the rotunda. I can't complain about anything. But I think a big difference is that if you're semi private in holes st you choose a consultant and see them at each visit. I had no say in my team and see a registrar, never a consultant. I think, for more money, you can see a consultant in rotunda but it won't be the same one each visit and has limited appointment times.
wollysocks Posts: 1773
If I were you, I would highly recommend the community Midwife scheme- the Domino scheme. It is in both hospitals though the Rotunda catchment area is much smaller than the Holles street one. This is a free public service and is fantastic. Check it out before you decide what to do. I have been with the community midwife service and been semi-private and while there was nothing wrong with semi-private, it just didn't compare with the community midwives. The semi-private clinic was quite busy and way less personal than the midwives clinic. You see a midwife first and then a doctor at each appointment and the emphasis was on quick in and out for the next person. You could feel the need to keep things brief. In contrast, for the first appointment with the community midwives, a midwife came to my house. After that I went to local clinic and rarely waited long. At each appointment with the midwives- it was a relaxed affair- plenty of chat and time to talk about anything you needed to know. An appointment could be 20 mins, half hour or more sometimes. You get to know the midwives- who will be there at the birth and you have a telephone number to ring if you have any worries at all. Afterwards the midwives came to visit me on the ward and when I went home they visited me at home a few times. I really felt looked after and like they knew me while at the semi-private clinic I was very much a number. So definitely check this out as an option.
wantingafamily Posts: 52
Thanks wollysocks. I really like the idea of dealing with the midwives and building up that relationship. The aftercare aspect is very appealing too. What happens with scans etc? I feel a bit overwhelmed as this is first pregnancy and there is so much to consider.