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NovSmile Posts: 50
Hi All I am semi private in the Rotunda and I am 26 weeks pregnant, have been in to see the consultant once when I was 12 weeks and I have had my "big scan" at 23 weeks I am due back at the consultant in 2 weeks and I am just wondering for anyone that has been through this system, does your consultant change each time you go? If you have issues you want to discuss with "your" consultant and you want to know who is your main doctor dealing with you what way does it work in there. I will ask on the day but just wondering what experience others have had. I was at the GP yesterday for a checkup and baby is very big for my frame and I want to talk to whoever is looking after me in the Rotunda about policies they have for going over due dates and inductions and C sections etc so just wondering how it works. Thanks NovSmile
happy10 Posts: 68
Hi NovSmile I was Sp in Rotunda and had babs a few months ago. In Sp you usually just see the registrar for the Consultants team you are booked under. I didn't see any Consultant for the duration of my pregnancy but thankfully had an uncomplicated pregnancy so no intervention was necessary. Its one the negatives of SP that theres no continuuity of care as its likely you could see a diff doc each time and never a consultant. They record everything in your notes though so def discuss delivery plan woth whatever doc you see (some better than others in my experience) On the plus side however, i felt i got great care there and couldn't recommend the Rotunda enough HTH :wv