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notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi girls just wondering when baby comes along will you try and get a routine established. I have been reading Gina Fords book and although i find her VERY strict and rigid i would like to try and follow some of it. I heard Ray Darcy is using her routine with his baby and finding it good. DH was telling me this morning that a guy he works with has a 2 week old baby and she is sleeping from 2am until 8.30 am already. Surely 6 and half hours is too long for a very young baby to go without food???? What does everyone else think?
Sphynx Posts: 6795
I had great plans to do Gina Forde but I starting reading the book while feeling emotional and she reduced me to tears! Made looking after a baby sound like preparing for the Leaving Cert all over again! I do plan on getting some kind of routine in place but prob not so regimented as her plan. Am going to see what "The Baby Whisperer" book has to say too - might be a gentler approach? I think routines make sense once you are open to being a bit flexible and don't put pressure on yourself to be a Super Mom. That guy with the 2 week old baby is pretty blessed I would say! Maybe the last feed she gets is a big one and keeps her going. Might change for them tho as she gets a bit bigger!
charli Posts: 5994
i found baby got into routine for me very naturally - now maybe i was really lucky with a good baby but kinda found that we fell into it IYKWIM and i was breasfeeding and after 2 weeks or so the BF on demand went to kinda every 3/4 hours. i think if you are relaxed and try to not stick rigidly they will fall into place. my little one at 6 weeks was sleeping from 11-6.30am and week by week stretched that little bit more (extra mins!!) i think for a 2 week old 2-8.30am is a bit long but i would never wake a baby up - they wake when hungry which she does! i remember midwife in hospital telling me to wake my baby every 3 hours to feed to id wake her at 12/3/6 - i was exhausted and hardly slept!!, granted i know she was helping my establish milk supply but i should have listened to my mum who said - baby will wake when hungry!!!
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi Spynx i know what you mean about her i was studying her daily planner and trying to memorise it!!!! I must get the baby whisperer i have heard of it. Gina does seem overly strict but i have heard even if you takes bit of it it works. Charli is your baby a girl? Do you think girls get into routines easier than boys. My mam said i was a very good child no problems eating or sleeping and as soon as she would put me into my cot i was gone fast asleep, she said sometimes she felt like waking me up so she could have some time with me but i would be out like a light!!!! :o0 When it came to feeding me she said i was like a baby bird - mouth always open i loved my food and i used to go "ahhhhhh" after every mouthful. :-8
charli Posts: 5994
yeah little one is a girl - she is 3 and a half now - so easy, dont think i ever had a really bad night with her! hope i am as lucky this time, what are my chances! :o0 :o0 my mum said i was excellent and then she got a wake-up call when my brother came along, she didnt sleep properly until he was 4!!!
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Charli i see your ticker now!! My mother had a nightmare with my brother too. I wonder if there is a correlation between how you were as a child and how your baby will be. My nephew is the exact same as his father when he was a baby, problems with his nose and allergies and didnt sleep through the night until he was 6 :eek Hope this one is as good for you.
grumpy Posts: 1280
Charli - did the midwife tell you that because of jaundace? We had to wake our ds every 3 hours for feeds after he was hospitalised with jaundace. Only had to do it for a week though. I used the Gina Ford routine, and I have mixed feelings about it. It was great in that we were definitely feeding too often, and ds did so much better on the feeding routine. However, the sleep routine never suited him, and I would be either trying to keep the poor fella awake, or trying to get him to sleep while he was screaming his heart out because he was over tired :o(. We then got the Baby Whisperer book and took her advice re sleep, which is basically to look for the signs (which are explained in detail) and put them to bed before they get overtired. Since using that, he only ever cries to sleep when he's overtired, and its our fault when that happens. You can use Gina Ford and not follow it strictly. It is daunting reading at first, but you fall into it very quickly. I don't believe every baby naturally falls into their own routine, or rather, falls into it in the first few months on their own, so it is really nice to have guidance. Mind you, you will find that once you're in a routine and have confidence, the book will be left to sit on a shelf in no time! A lot of people scoff when you say you use a book, but I don't see it as any different to asking relatives and friends. I don't have any friends with older babies, I'm not close to my cousins, and my mam and mil had their last babies 28 and 26 years ago!
chilledout Posts: 834
I've been using the Baby Whisperer routine and find it great. Its not as strict as the Gina Ford one and uses cues to tell if the baby is tired. Basically you just do things in this order, baby eats (E), then is awake for a while (A), then sleeps (S), then you have your own time (Y). She calls it EASY. Its not always easy, but if you keep to that order and the baby starts crying you usually know what is wrong.
ginger nut Posts: 5989
[quote="NotLongToGo":287grlle] My mother had a nightmare with my brother too. I wonder if there is a correlation between how you were as a child and how your baby will be. .[/quote:287grlle] god i hope not! apparently i was a terror who hardly slept and was a real wiggly worm wanting to be into everything. :eek :eek :eek don't think i could handle a "mini me"
[email protected] Posts: 492
Hi Girls I second everything Grumpy has said - reading the books is just the same as being guided by frineds or family. If you have no experience of babies the books give you a good idea and when baby comes you can establish a routine that suits baby and you. While in hospital you are trying to build up your supply of milk and do need to feed regularly and trough the night but after a week or so if your darling doesn't wake for a feed don't wake them up (no one told me this for a few weeks!!!!). I tried both Gina and the baby whisperer but my Darling daughter dictated the pace and neither Gina Forde or the baby whisperer were going to rule her life!!!! She slept pretty must through the night until 8 weeks (7PM -10PM AND 11PM-6AM). She was christened at 8 wks and then all of a sudden it went pear shaped, she would cry constantly until 11 and sleep intermittently during the night until 18 weeks. There are no hard and fast rules you just love your baby do your best and rest when you can. My Sis gave me the best advise: "When things are going well (sleep) celebrate it because it won't last but when things are going bad don't worry because it won't last"!!!!!! Be gentle with yourselves xxx