Rowing Machine or Stepper at Gym?

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charlotteyork Posts: 1275
Hi, just wondering if anyone can help me. I've decided to stay for another 15 minutes at the gym between now and the wedding (panic!) and just wondered which of these do you think would be the most beneficial to use. I already swim once a week, and on the nights I use the gym I do 15 minutes on the treadmill at a fast walk/jog, 15 minutes on the bike and probably about 20 minutes or that way between free weights and crunches. I just feel like I'm getting a bit used to this and want to introduce something new. I don't want bingo wings in my wedding photos! Thanks ladies :wv
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Put the treadmill up to a run and spend the additional 15 minutes on that. Make sure you come off that treadmill sweating buckets. Bingo wings are a result of excess fat. It's all about which machine you're going to burn the most calories on. Running will burn about 100 calories for every mile.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Or alternatively more time on free weights.
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
It depends if you want to lose weight or just tone up. I would have thought that the stepper would be cardio which would help with the weight loss and lower body. If they have a cross trainer, this works your upper arms as well so maybe that might be better again than the rower or stepper.
love struck Posts: 1125
Hi My hubbie is a personal trainer he would def recommend the cross training as it works all muscles in the body... Thats why he makes me do (well pregnant not so he is not so hard) on the cross trainer. What is most important is that you know the ideal heart-rate zone you should be in Once you know this by staying in this zone it will help you burn loads of calories. Personnally the treadmill does feck all for me. But if I use the heartrate zone on the cross trainer after 10-15minutes I nearly colapse.. If you are not sure what I mean by the heartrate zone just check your assessment card or ask the gym guys.. What area is your gym in? Good Luck with it..
2009 Bride Posts: 990
I'd really recommend the rower, I find it fantastic at toning up all areas of the body and its great for burning calories. :wv
charlotteyork Posts: 1275
Wow girls, didn't expect nearly as many replies - clearly ye are fitness experts! :o0 I occassionally use the cross trainer and do feel absolutely weak with exhaustion after 15 minutes on it, which I guess is a good thing???? I'm a bit sick of the treadmill TBH so maybe I might swap that for the crosstrainer for a couple of weeks and see how I go. That way I could use the rower too. For some reason I really feel like I'm working all my muscles when I'm using that. Thanks so much for all the feedback :thnk :wv